Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tom Petty's Wrong: The Waiting's NOT The Hardest Part (Enduring A Hard Life Surrounded By American Liars Is)

Obvious,...we've arrived at another of TMR's Magic Moments. Which is awesome, because whites have insisted there's absolutely no connection between slavery and today. It's too far away, they say - when it's right here and now, written all over our faces, and (as I've mentioned) even coursing through our veins:

See? White woman - our pal. Now her heart's in the right place, isn't it? Focussed on the money - not the truth. Even now, hundreds of years later and after she's personally successful, Wanda's still desperate to deceive - and to keep what was never hers - while also choosing to never let the rightful owners have or know what's theirs.

She is a living portrait of the Western World!

And - I'm 100% positive - she's a bad mother. 

Just like the rest of white society, bent on hiding the truth for as long as possible - and, especially, not apologizing (because that means admitting to a horrible crime) - so they won't have to cough up the ill-gotten booty and change the world from their white-is-right vision of it, right?

Riiiiight - now go tell your children to lie.


White deceptions were lame and shameful then, and they're even more lame and shameful now:

They reveal the lie to their other lie - that nobody still cares - because we blacks have always been "nobody" to whites image of themselves.

Especially about the attempt to force blacks into living under those lies - for the rest of time - as whites posed as our cool and honest "Friends," capable of determining justice for themselves and others.

Name your subject - intellect, beauty, talent - the West has been a joke, waiting for blacks to "get" it.

Divorce and adultery rates, what whites tried to do to the family unit, in their own and black's through rape - alone, for me - raises the question:

Considering the multitude of lies whites currently insist on telling - yoga is exercise, homeopathy is medicine, vaccines cause autism, divorce is good, there are no cults (Hi, Tom Cruise!) slavery is old news, etc. - do whites even understand intellectual honesty?

But, more importantly, will the liars ever be capable of dealing with the cold, hard truth, as they've forced the rest of us to do?

Your support of Glenn Reynolds says "no":

Whites will lie until the day we die,...

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