Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wakey-Wakey, Bright Eyes (Putting Them To Good Use)


  1. That's because 10% of us Viking men are colorblind. However, it only makes us better at seeing the difference between black and white.

    Lets see. Racists like the Lem crowd... bad people. Earnest white folks who try hard not to be racist... bad people.

    You think like a woman. Not wanting to solve problem, just want someone to listen to pissing and moaning. The essence of Macho: a feminized male acting in a way a silly female thinks a man should be: like them, but with a deeper voice and more chest thumping. No wonder you fit in so well with the Lem crowd.

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  3. Crack acts like what he wants to fuck - a white woman. He it too much of a racist to fuck a black woman. Too much of an effeminate bitch, too.

  4. No one likes being reminded they're a racist. What do you want from Crack, "Yes Massah, I's sorry. I won't say no mo."

  5. I like how racist whites KNOW how many women I've been with over a lifetime and their races.

    Raised in South Central, Los Angeles, there's NO WAY I've been with, or love, black women is there?

    Racist whites are masters of their own insane chatter,..