Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm Pretty Sure The Etymology Of "White" Is "Hypocrite"

White people talk a lot of shit to blacks, about responsibility, traditional values, the family, and taking care of business. But the message they send - about how they conduct their own lives - reveals how they,….conduct their own lives. This is how whites really think - as evidenced by how often I run across this exact same message in "white" media:

In my entire life, I've never seen that message coming from Ebony or Jet magazines - weird.

But, as usual, I really like how whites are like Nazis - constantly using the media to help each other PLAN on how to screw over their loved ones, the kids, society, who-or-whatever attended the wedding, bought a gift, pitched in to help, etc.. 

Like the French, they've got to plot against someone, right? Got enough money? (Maybe even the person's you're plotting against?  You HAVE been saving money to escape, that which you vowed to uphold, didn't you?) Great - then it's White Betrayal Time

I'ma haveta call Newt Gingrich for some "conservative" clarification on what we fucked-up blacks should take from this:

Because it ain't "Do The Right Thing",…

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