Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fearful White Man Kills Two Brothers For Being Alive

Trayvon. A woman shot in the face while asking for help. A football player dies the same way. Now this - see how it starts to add up? Just like the days of lynching - which whites say is long gone. 

It's just not safe to even be around white people:

Investigators said [Black] told dispatchers the two men were breaking into his shed, but sheriff's officials said the shed wasn't his.

Yes, but racially - we don't have the right to live:

So Dreams are out of the question,...

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  1. Murder in the US: http://publiusetiam.blogspot.com/2013/01/murder-in-us.html

    If the brothers stopped killing one another tomorrow, the murder rate in the US would be 147th in the world. 60% of murders are committed by a 13% demographic.

    It's a huge problem. If blacks want to figure it out without do-gooder whitey input, they'd best get to it.