Thursday, January 30, 2014

Whites Are The Only Race Of Americans That Can Make You Wake Up Every Single Day And Hate Your Country

After looking at this artwork, I think it's time to run down my checklist of White Racist Cover-Up Cliche's again:

* This is NOT a racist country, and to think so is silly and, well, to be perfectly frank, mean - unlike this lynching message.

* All the real racism is way back there in the past because whites do NOT think that way anymore. (Even though the evidence to the contrary is everywhere.) So what are you going to trust your life to? Historically distrustful whites or your own two eyes? 

* Being outnumbered by hostile whites should NOT make blacks feel uncomfortable around whites - whites prefer blacks keep their guard down.

* Whites are NOT a descended race of lying, irrational, apocalyptic homicidal killers from outer space, but normal human beings, just like everybody else.

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