Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ahhhh - I MADE Them Racist - Of Course (Black Guy)

Like bottle rockets, this is a classic white guy shit:

Conservative whites are now coming over here and taking turns being racist to a black person.

You can't make this shit up:

It should make the history books,…

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  1. Trooper York and this merry men and occasional token woman will never take ownership of their racism. Trooper York wants only people in his circle who he feels he can manipulate. The minute he senses he has an original thinker in his midst, he is on the attack. He especially can't deal with people who are more intelligent, more talented, better looking than him. He is nothing more than a fat, not very intelligent, disgusting jerk who uses people to bounce his jokes off of.

    He can't get attention on his own merits, because he has none, other than being an eating machine. His heart condition migh just be a gift from God to teach him some humility, but it appears it hasn't worked. I've met more talented writers over at my kid's third grade classroom. Notice how he got into it with Freeman Hunt and Deborah. Notice how he places himself in every dispute? The more intelligent commenters are gone from that swamp to fresher waters.