Saturday, November 1, 2014

Being Wrong (Has Never Stopped Whites From Lying)

I've been saying, ever since Ann Althouse's insane ebola post, that she is now a conspiracy theory nutcase.

But The Atlantic is also reminding me that's not a hinderance to career success for white people:

White people don't care about being right - or doing wrong.

They just want their way.

And their way is to control the narrative.

Notice, Bill O'Reilly is totally wrong, but he - not someone who knows what he's talking about - gets to be the big shot on TV.

Ann Althouse's ebola scaremongering?

It's just brought her closer to the neanderthals.

She doesn't care how it looks - or is.

Few whites do, because ethics and intelligence aren't respected.

That's why a quack, like Dr. Oz, still has a TV show - but a well-respected doctor can't and doesn't. 

America's a nation of snake oil salesmen, relying on a shitty education system to ply their trade.

What did Ann's fellow blogging law professor, Glenn Reynolds, say?

The best thing about being a law professor is they get to just say shit, without caring if it's correct.

Those two must teach the most fascinating classes,...

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