Thursday, November 6, 2014

Water Under The Bridge: How Can TMR Equate White Racism On Law Professor Blogs,...With Homeopathy?

White law professors, who wallow in racism, react the same way homeopaths do to critics: they try to ignore them, hoping other whites - those with better ethics - won't notice what they're up to:

I know you are.

I know it because I've been pointing out the racism of Glenn Reynolds, Ann Althouse, and a whole slew of others in the law professor world of blogging for some time now, and there's not been a single word mentioning anything I said - because they, too, don't think an outside mention of race "as worthy of further attention," either, unless a white person says it.

That's how whites roll,...right over race, when blacks speak, as their readers openly call civil rights activists "hustlers" without challenge.

If Andrew Sullivan, or Rush Limbaugh mentions Ann Althouse, for instance, she's sure to plaster it where it can be noticed and talked about, because her readers are racists themselves, unlikely to acknowledge anything other than white words for their hero, and unwilling to challenge her on what they, themselves, believe but (also) don't understand - or care about:

The black people they abuse, with the policies they vote for, and encourage others like them to support.

It's a nifty trick: whites - hiding behind feminism, or gay rights, to maintain a "moderate" facade - while openly utilizing the power of white supremacy to screen out racial debate, and all while also denying that's what they do on a daily basis.

It's so effective - and so natural for whites, today, to do it - it's no wonder even they don't realize they're racists anymore,...

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