Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Can Somebody Explain Hypocrisy To Glenn Reynolds?

So, the conservative blogosphere is showing what "we're" all about - again:

They're having a grand time, at the expense of an ADMITTED manic-depressive male feminist having a break-down, because - while off his meds and in a manic state - he'd come clean about "using sex and charm and whiteness" to scam his readers.

I got that link from Glenn Reynolds' blog. Here's what Glenn wrote about it:
"Chicks just dig jerks, especially if they pretend to have the right gender politics."

Very observant. Keep in mind, Glenn's married to a woman who writes about gender politics and the unfairness of society to men. Glenn's even been ferociously promoting her book.

Meanwhile, at the same time, he also regularly promotes a female feminist - but one known for having almost regularly-scheduled and extremely-alienating public breakdowns - and who's likewise known for "using sex and charm and whiteness" to scam her readers.

But she's another law professor who refuses to admit anything - evidence be damned.

Glenn's never turned the screws on her like he and his friends have done a manic depressive male.

It should be pointed out that Ann Althouse, too, is getting her kicks at the guy. 

Which raises some obvious questions:

Is Reynolds such a jerk he hasn't even read his own wife's book?

Or is he just too stupid to understand it?