Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Can Somebody Explain Hypocrisy To Glenn Reynolds?

So, the conservative blogosphere is showing what "we're" all about - again:

They're having a grand time, at the expense of an ADMITTED manic-depressive male feminist having a break-down, because - while off his meds and in a manic state - he'd come clean about "using sex and charm and whiteness" to scam his readers.

I got that link from Glenn Reynolds' blog. Here's what Glenn wrote about it:
"Chicks just dig jerks, especially if they pretend to have the right gender politics."

Very observant. Keep in mind, Glenn's married to a woman who writes about gender politics and the unfairness of society to men. Glenn's even been ferociously promoting her book.

Meanwhile, at the same time, he also regularly promotes a female feminist - but one known for having almost regularly-scheduled and extremely-alienating public breakdowns - and who's likewise known for "using sex and charm and whiteness" to scam her readers.

But she's another law professor who refuses to admit anything - evidence be damned.

Glenn's never turned the screws on her like he and his friends have done a manic depressive male.

It should be pointed out that Ann Althouse, too, is getting her kicks at the guy. 

Which raises some obvious questions:

Is Reynolds such a jerk he hasn't even read his own wife's book?

Or is he just too stupid to understand it?


  1. Oh, I think he's read her book all right -- I think those two work in tandem. Pictures speak a thousand words it's said -- those pictures of the Reynolds and the Althouses out on the town spoke volumes. They for sure are not interested in how folks like where I come from live (people with dirty fingernails are so gauche after all).

    It's all about promoting the player culture -- being committed to another person is for squares; gotta be free like every good little libertarian...triumph of the will, and all that jazz.


    *and yes, I've read Mr. Reynolds; I've read Mrs. Reynolds too...for every one thing they get somewhat right, well, as stated before, five things very wrong...that's why I haven't really considered him much over the years
    **it's prom night and everybody wants to be the class sexy popular beautiful person, dontcha know?

  2. Crack, he hasn't been promoting her much lately.

    That fight she picked has cut her visibility there to almost 0.

  3. Oh no, you mean there won't be an annual spring mixer between the Phi Delts and the Kappa Kappas anymore?

    First Ann Margaret not coming and now this!

    *yes, I know, sorry for the snark, but these folks just wear on me. My next door neighbor's house caught on fire, he got diagnosed with cancer, she lost her job...and they're insurance ran out, and hae thus been living on potatoes and whatever the neighbors and food bank can spare until he croaks and they get kicked out...Glenny and Annie and the rest of the hee haw gang wear on me, to the last nerve.

  4. the most ink reynold's has spilled today (8/13/13) is a lengthy review on an $100k audi he drove to florida. friend of a friend knows a guy at audi who would like reynolds to do a review. uh huh...

    man of the peepuls!

  5. I wouldn't mind it so much if they weren't men/women OF the people IF they were men/women FOR the people.

    Having an Audi is fine by me; hey, go for it if you've got it.
    But some of the nonsense they espouse and popularize will lead to no good for people -- and the average, run of the mill everyman who doesn't have the stash for an Audi and never will cannot afford to follow it (irregardless that it's bad or goofy, they can't afford to)...and that's where they most definitely piss me off.