Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Men Without Game Get Caught Like This All-The-Time

Here's another bit of wisdom, courtesy of that guardian of manliness, Glenn Reynolds, again (Am I the only person who actually reads him, or the only one noticing what he promotes?) This time he's pumping "7 Ways to End a Toxic Relationship" - if you're a young man, reading Reynolds, live and learn:
"If you're in a toxic relationship, you probably know you want to get out. But you feel stuck, paralyzed, and nagged by doubts. You might cling to hope that he could change."

"He"? Where'd the word "he" come from? Can't "toxic relationships" go either way? Then why the gender targeting language? Oh yeah - because Glenn's wife wrote a book. That he's read. But didn't understand. So he promotes the opposite. Leader of the blogosphere, mind you. Tea Party hero, this guy. Law professor. Brilliant as a booger. How about this one:
"7. You don't owe anyone any explanations. You don't owe your family, friends, children, or even your partner justification that satisfies them as to why you want to leave."

Brilliant - thanks, Glenn. 

Considering how everybody helps out in a relationship, you - that would be the woman - don't owe anybody anything when your narcissism grows to the level of man-eating beast. That's what conservatives are fighting for, correct? Must be - Glenn's promoting it and he's the Big Dawg.

I don't know about his home life but, as far as his blog, he's practically our Anthony Weiner,...