Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Feminism's NewAge, NewAge Is Spiritual, Spirituality's Religious, Religion's Stupid, Stupidity's Harmful: Vagina

The Idiocracy twist here is - being outnumbered - the stupid get elevated to celebrities, and politicians, while the intelligent get labeled as stupid:
"A new study claims to have conclusively proved that the more intelligent a person is the less likely they are to believe in God. 
Psychologists Miron Zuckerman and Jordan Silberman of the University of Rochester and Judith Hall of Northeastern University have published their review of 63 studies conducted between 1928 and 2012 in this months Personality and Social Psychology Review. 
While they admit their findings are 'not new', the psychologists embarked on a systematic analysis of almost one hundred years of studies into the correlation between intelligence and religiosity and found that atheism is rife among clever people."

"Conclusively"? Great. And how - exactly - does anyone expect the stupid to understand these findings? My guess is they'll unnecessarily attack them,...because they're stupid. And cause trouble. And get people hurt. Over nothing. But being stupid. Because that's what the stupid do. That, and insist we have to be "tolerant" of stupid people and ideas, which keeps their destruction going.

BTW - it's also the stupid who give in to that "logic".

Remember when Chris Rock said, "Women ain't gonna let a thing like 'sense' fuck up they argument"? Got a big laugh of recognition. 

In real life, though, the shit ain't funny and - other than jokes - I haven't seen or heard any follow-up on the consequences of a society kowtowing to stupid people, following the counsel of stupid people, or how a society that worships stupidity can torture smart people (by insisting on elevating dumb shit to the level of normal intelligence) and repeatedly cause trouble over nothing.

Stupidity has a cost - and it's huge - and we've been paying it.

Oh, the stupid will tell you about some other guys, but not those here at home - and especially not if they're female - or what it all means. They have no idea.

Like feeling stupid for writing blog posts, I know, only the intelligent can understand,...

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  1. I'd love to see somebody ask Hillary about that episode...and why it's always somebody like Eleanor or Ghandi that gets channeled.
    I mean, is she sure it wasn't Bill the village drunk, who froze to death on fatal Jan. night in Nunavik just having a funny? How about it was really Hermann Goring and he asked for a sauerbraten, but you were too embarassed to tell, so...Ghandi?

    If there's one way to point out to most people just how silly this is, it's to illuminate the fact that it's always Ghandi being channeled and not Bill the village drunk.