Tuesday, January 21, 2014

George Washington Was A Man, Thomas Jefferson's A Punk & The History Of This Country's A Fucking Joke II

There's more to life - and an American - than turning out as a, grinning, everybody-broke-be-happy, go-along-to-get-along fool:

  "In the 1790s, as Jefferson was mortgaging his slaves to build Monticello, George Washington was trying to scrape together financing for an emancipation at Mount Vernon, which he finally ordered in his will. He proved that emancipation was not only possible, but practical, and he overturned all the Jeffersonian rationalizations. Jefferson insisted that a multiracial society with free black people was impossible, but Washington did not think so. Never did Washington suggest that blacks were inferior or that they should be exiled.

It is curious that we accept Jefferson as the moral standard of the founders’ era, not Washington. Perhaps it is because the Father of his Country left a somewhat troubling legacy: His emancipation of his slaves stands as not a tribute but a rebuke to his era, and to the prevaricators and profiteers of the future, and declares that if you claim to have principles, you must live by them."

Jefferson reminds me of Althouse and Reynolds - whites, trapped in the wrong time, not sure which way is up. 

And this, "we accept Jefferson as the moral standard" bit, presents another great opportunity to ask, "Who's 'We', Kemosabi?"

Good Americans don't "rebuke" the rest of these punk-assed, no-morality-having cocksuckers, do we? Why, to do so is greeted as practically treason.

Fucking jackasses,...

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