Monday, January 13, 2014

The Great Divide: Race From Slavery To Shut-Up

It makes some kind of weird sense that I'd be squashed, somehow, between Herman Cain and Suge Knight:

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  1. Well, I have my own little theories on the problem -- but there is no real way of testing it, because time travel hasn't been invented (and may never be possible, or perhaps shouldn't):
    The biggest problem, imhao (and admittedly coming from my own little happy valley of bias) is that everything so far has been a bandaid at best, even the abolition of slavery...the real problem has always been that many so called equality projects have been feel better deals which really did nothing to address (and in many cases excerbated) the big deal: the culture was not changed, and it didn't have to (what with the feel better pills we routinely gave ourselves).
    Now, the historical situation being what it is (imperfect by a mile), one could still argue that if the culture had been addressed, then even starting from a disadvantaged situation, things could very well have improved...but there have always been excuses made for the culture not changing (if not indeed excerbating the problems), and therein lies the problem.
    What to do about it is another story -- I confess to being completely overwhelmed at the notion of even trying to attempt to unravel that snarl (and I'm just one ignorant ass hick anyway).
    Maybe just admitting that "yeah, on the most basic and important level things really haven't changed a bit...and maybe it's time they did...if at all possible at this point"; I don't know.