Saturday, January 5, 2013

But Let's Not Forget (How Much Women Love Shopping)

Are we going down? I think we're going down.

I also think I'd know it if we weren't. (I've been down this road before.) Scary stuff.

I'm told it's better if you "believe in something," so - if you do or can - go ahead. I won't mind. 

Everybody's got to survive, right?

Sure. Now let's keep moving.

We'll start to see slippage, as the ground below us continues to shift it's angle, and then there's a kind of cascade effect that'll get things going downhill at a pretty good clip, I betcha.

So be sure and Watch. Your. Step. 

Trying to maintain a firm grasp of reality, when others have never touched it before, will be tricky.

It never seems this far away when they start, and there's still a long way to go, so - if they want to get back - now's the time and place to jump ship.

What they can't do is give up.

 Or so I am told,...

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