Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Discovering How A Hard Head Makes For A Soft Behind

This is getting pretty old, pretty fast - I tell you something, then we have to wait days, weeks, months, or even years, to see someone else noticed what was obvious when I said it: 

 "Cult-like followings appear to be something of a trending topic among dramas this season."

You don't say? Well, apparently not only hadn't I noticed but none of my "friends" in blogging noticed either. They didn't notice it's happening, that I mentioned it first, that it's a topic worth mentioning (nothing about cults is worth mentioning according to this crew) that there's a reason for the attention on cults, or that my long-term attention to the subject has been (shall we say) "prophetic".

Sure, almost two years ago, Glenn Reynolds can write, "The Crack Emcee is saying I Told You So. He’s been kinda hard on the whole New Age thing for a while," but as this dangerous, decisive, and too-long-neglected subject moves to the center of America's cultural conscienceness, my insights aren't as worthy of mention on Instapundit's political blog as, say, the "7 Benefits Of Having Sex.

(They do their dirty work in Tennessee, too, Glenn.) 

All this action going on - an actual opportunity to chase down a true menace to society, and (since I mention the legacy of the Nazis so often) one featuring it's own concentration camps - but, instead, they're discussing Michelle Obama's eye rolls and whether or not BeyoncĂ© lip-synchs.

After losing an election with a Mormon, and after conservatives acknowledged that cult(ure) - not politics - moves this nation, none of these bloggers have much more than a single post on cults.

Or my work on them.

But cults and cultish thinking ARE the story of our era.

And whether we have to wait days, weeks, months, or even years more, time will tell it - since others won't - and in a manner befitting the transgression,….

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  1. Fifty Shades of Presidential Grey?

    I only mention it for the "spiritual Hawaii" thing (and of course the cult of personality some have developed for whomever holds the presidency).

    *verdict is still out on whether the protagonists of this novel would be somehow any better if Mitt and Ann had won (although the plot may have taken some interesting twists)