Monday, January 7, 2013


"Back to reality." The acknowledgement it was abandoned. Everything, not reflective of it, is now described as "Crushed unicorn dreams." Funny how NewAge just happens, all of a sudden-like, no?

It's like they know - when they want to - but, no matter what happens, they refuse to remember and, most definitely, will never actually do anything. Pravda's spitting out NewAge like it's poison:
What better way to staunch protests at worsening economic and life conditions than to make it feel like an honourable job/duty of the people to save "Gia". At the same time, they used this "science" as new pagan religion to further push out the Christianity they hate and despise and most of all, fear? Gia worship, the earth "mother", has been pushed in popular culture oozing out of the West for a better part of the past 1.5 decades. This is a religion replete with an army of priests,...

Speaking of "a religion replete with an army of priests," did you see a Utah GOP group disinvited Glenn Reynolds from speaking because of Reynolds’ support for gay rights? That seems a long way from the Mormon 'Kumbaya' moment they all shared over Mitt I-believe-we've-discovered-cold-fusion-but-we-just-can't-replicate-it-yet Romney recently.

But, come ON, why should it?
Some of the largest conservative media organs are essentially massive email lists of suckers rented to snake oil salesmen. The con isn’t limited to a couple of newsletters and websites: The most prominent conservative organizations in the nation are primarily dedicated to separating conservatives from their money.

Neal Young seems to be kinda quick on the fake up-take.

But when it comes to cultism, I don't think Glenn Reynolds ever will be,…

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  1. Seems like everything is now one great big Amway...and here I am stuck not really digging Amway or having to be civil to door to door salesmen every damn day of my life.