Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Henry The Ath

My so-called "fellow bloggers" are a trip.

For instance, last August, Robert Stacy McCain labelled "Scientology As A Criminal Conspiracy" - basically for having weird beliefs - saying:
"It’s hard to believe anyone with an IQ above room temperature could be suckered into believing the nonsense promulgated by Scientology — but then again, is it really more absurd than the beliefs of the Democrat Party?"

Clearly that all depends. Considering the similarities between Scientology and Mormonism - which RSMc backed and defended in the last election - I'd say yes, the American people thought there was something "more absurd than the beliefs of the Democrat Party" and it's name was Romney.
"Crack Emcee at The Macho Response doesn’t seem to care much for the theology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I link his post not to endorse such anti-LDS views, but rather to remind you what kind of stuff is out there."

Yeah, that "kind of stuff." But since Scientology's feeling the heat (again) it seems Robert Stacy McCain wants to sit at the Big Boy Bigot Table and throw something "out there" himself - listen:
"There was a time when the cult could sue a few critics and thereby intimidate everybody else. But the Internet makes it impossible to silence the truth, and the truth is not Scientology’s friend."

Ahh, but it was Mitt's - such a friend he had to keep his cult's beliefs hidden, which still didn't work.

Is there a cult god to help hypocrites with their sins?

Don't answer if it's me (I like surprises,...)