Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Henry The Ath

My so-called "fellow bloggers" are a trip.

For instance, last August, Robert Stacy McCain labelled "Scientology As A Criminal Conspiracy" - basically for having weird beliefs - saying:
"It’s hard to believe anyone with an IQ above room temperature could be suckered into believing the nonsense promulgated by Scientology — but then again, is it really more absurd than the beliefs of the Democrat Party?"

Clearly that all depends. Considering the similarities between Scientology and Mormonism - which RSMc backed and defended in the last election - I'd say yes, the American people thought there was something "more absurd than the beliefs of the Democrat Party" and it's name was Romney.
"Crack Emcee at The Macho Response doesn’t seem to care much for the theology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I link his post not to endorse such anti-LDS views, but rather to remind you what kind of stuff is out there."

Yeah, that "kind of stuff." But since Scientology's feeling the heat (again) it seems Robert Stacy McCain wants to sit at the Big Boy Bigot Table and throw something "out there" himself - listen:
"There was a time when the cult could sue a few critics and thereby intimidate everybody else. But the Internet makes it impossible to silence the truth, and the truth is not Scientology’s friend."

Ahh, but it was Mitt's - such a friend he had to keep his cult's beliefs hidden, which still didn't work.

Is there a cult god to help hypocrites with their sins?

Don't answer if it's me (I like surprises,...)


  1. Sigh, yep -- had half dozen self-identified liberal/Democrat friends who were ready, willing, and able to jump ship...but Mitt was the deal breaker for them (for all the reasons that have been mentioned on this blog). I suppose it could be called a net wash -- they voted either third party or not at all -- but still...

    And most of them hit the nail on the head better than any Republican: Democrat voters fell for a cult of personality and blindly idolized Obama (some still do) and this was a huge problem, why then did the Republicans start doing the same with Romney? (they were looking to get away from that turn of events as well as a, quote, "horrible president", oh well, opportunity missed) -- good for them for waking up to recognize it though; there is still hope!)

    And all I can think of is: this would not have happened if not only the sucker had been vetted to begin with, but also the right hadn't beclowned itself with its support of him (Boehner was the politician who once again made the best summation of the problem -- and was roundly chastised for it).


  2. And yeah, they were all wrong -- just as bad, wrong, and slimy as any KosKid or DU groupie or Obama stamp chanting Oprah fan that pulled the same stunt for "their side" (forgetting that "Americans" should be "their side" with maybe "humanity" being a runner up) -- and they have done harm/are doing harm to a great many people while at the same time trying to put the blame on those same people for something they willingly engaged in for their seat at the table and 30 pieces of silver promised (heh, sometimes those Biblical references DO come in handy).

    And to use a worn out quote: I hope they fail; I want to watch them fail -- that the fall is precipitous...because of what they have done to their countrymen, to their fellow man. I'd freaking love the idea of karma, if only to see it played out on them all (left and right, and in the middle) as long as I get to be a witness.

    I'm sensitive, spiritual maybe, like that....guess it's that female thing!