Monday, January 7, 2013

The Winning Strategy (Part II)

For any Republicans, looking to gear-up early for the next presidential election, be my guest:
"The Church of Scientology is a cult whose core aim is to fight a space alien Satan that's brainwashed the rest of us. The Church fights the world's insanity, its celebrity followers argue, and people who tell you differently are bigots."
Trust me, GOPers: 

 The second time's the charm,….

1 comment:

  1. Sadly, for all the other nuttiness, the Church of Science fiction may be nibbling on a kernel of truth there: while psychiatrists didn't "do" the Holocaust, a read of the history of the origins of what we today call psychiatry opens up a lot of nasty little social Darwinism/eugenicist worm cans (of which the Church of Science fiction itself sorta wriggled out of).

    Which is perhaps a "tell"...or at least a bitter irony of cosmic and Klaatu proportions (or whatever the hell they call that alien thing of theirs), that they should be the ones mentioning it.