Saturday, January 5, 2013

Melted Maserati: When You Want To Get Nowhere - Fast

I don't know what year, day, or time it is, because those kinds of things don't matter: 

Making progress is all.

A woman recently tried to turn a dinner party against me over homeopathy. A gay man attending "massage college" attempted to get me fired from my job (harassment, he said) after corralling me into a discussion about how the "toxins" he absorbed at school were affecting his work performance - demanding he pretend to work - but discovering to his shock, anger, and surprise, I disagreed with him.

(Luckily enough, there was a witness to that incident, though how anyone saw anything with everyone's eyes closed is anybody's guess. Some have a "Third Eye" I'm told. No fair.) I've heard of whole towns being out for revenge. You better tell somebody.

We'll all be better off when this is over,…

1 comment:

  1. Those must have been some pretty potent toxins!
    He probably should start draping a tissue over everything, since he's obviously so sensitive after all -- can't ever be too safe!

    I'm head on confronting some "purity" issues of my own -- too bad there's no youtube account, because I've got a feeling there are definitely going to be some tub of buttered popcorn moments coming up real soon.
    Should be a trip -- and may mean that I really should reward myself at the end of this tunnel with a trip to Austin and the intriguing Justine's after all!