Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It Was Only Make-Believe (Part I)

I dreamed of/had a nightmare about my wife last night. Woke up flailing.

I got "married". Then, 20 years later, I discovered - whether describing individuals or government operatives - I was the only one who thought so. As far as I know, I 'm still the only one who thinks so. Everyone else - NewAgers one and all - are practicing some kind of psychological alchemy called "moving on." Sure things happened - sure people get hurt - but a new self-image is formed. One that conforms with the cultist's vision of themselves - not their victim's. Essentially, fooling themselves.

I think determining what is and isn't - seemingly Obie Wan Kenobi-style - should be simple. A few days ago I gave you this quote:
"The politics is debatable. But the reality isn’t."

And today, finally, I give you it's sister - I say "finally" because this quote's from the world of yoga, where they've been determined to be pretty darned cagey with the truth:
"If it is religious, which it is,…"

Is/isn't? Of course it is. (Even the AARP suggests against "joining the ashram.") Religion and politics are both ephemeral, but only through cultism - in this case, under the guise of exercise, from "the most spiritual place on Earth" - has religion wiggled it's way into Western reality, to such an extent that it can go unremarked as such, necessitating further identification.

It reveals a shocking lack of ethics from cultists, knowingly foisting yoga on the public in disguise, and an even more shocking lack of religious knowledge by the public, as to the true nature of the practices they are engaged in - cultists and non-cultists - as well as who is preying on them and why.

BTW, when did Oprah get the power to give Absolution or Forgiveness? Did I miss that episode?

I'll check if it's available on YouTube,...

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  1. Is Oprah the Pope?

    As for Lance Armstrong, will he have to give her his other nut as part of the indulgence? Or will some tears and a hug be enough?