Sunday, January 6, 2013

+1 For Being A Man: Never Having To Fake An Orgasm

This needs a few nuggets to chew on quickly-quickly, like "How feminism is to blame for the breakdown of the family" or "The Dark Side Of Feminism - Why Women Don't Like Powerful Women," before we have to go back. Gotta stay fit until Our Imaginary Weight Problem disappears - no matter what they say.

Don't be like Ann Althouse, now mumbling to herself over getting caught eating that Benghazi garbage. Poor thing. So sad.

She helped propel us in this direction when there was still a choice, so she's probably pretty far gone by now. I noticed she didn't want to eat the Mormon stuff, which was kind of a tell, for how long ago her latest delusional phase has been in effect, anyway. More than a year.

Ahh, it hurts to look at it.

I haven't learned how to talk just yet, but I will, promise,...