Monday, January 21, 2013

Profess, Sir

Lupe Fiasco got kicked off stage for criticizing Obama - fine. Stupid all around, but fine. If that's what it takes for these morons on the Right to notice Rap, I'll take it, but only as a further demonstration of how politically off-base our side is, in outlook, strategy, and (most importantly) results.

I mean, what is this "story" going to get us? A day's return, if that? No votes swayed, nothing. It's not like conservatives are really impressed by Lupe's views, so we gain nothing by airing them. 

An ego boost, maybe, if you're a very small person.

If you accept the notion that Rap acts as some sort of Black CNN, contrast his Lupe fiasco (heh) with what's really going on in conservative minds - and compare that with what the unnoticed Kanye West (another Obama "knucklehead") has had going on all along:

From a pop culture point of view, it is interesting to note that [Kanye's] short-film, intended to be viewed by the general public (especially young people), describes the concept of power with overt Masonic symbolism and occult references. This causes the uninformed viewers to unconsciously associate those symbols with the concept of Power, while “those in the know” get the “insider’s wink” sent by this video. Power ultimately becomes another piece in the on-going process called the “Revelation of the Method,” where the true source of power gradually and subliminally reveals itself to the world and occult rituals take place right in front of the public’s eyes. 
How long before the complete revelation?

Or - asked another way - how long before conservatives discover what's a threat? Where it's coming from? What's got legs and is *truly* politically exploitable? Lupe's to the left of Obama - and mad about it. Big deal. Kanye's bigger than he is, and Kanye (or someone working on his behalf) has multiple daily "occult rituals take place right in front of the public’s eyes" specifically as a way of getting subversive ideas into the minds of their kids. And it's working like a charm. Mom.

If you ask this conservative, a real "teaching moment" should be in order,…


  1. Music: funny what music can do to people.
    Funny how nobody's really hitting on this developing story (this could wind up a real mess imhao -- it's already a mess, but has some real potential for major clusterfuck):

    Like I said: I like folk music both old timey and modern(which means I do like rap, hillbilly white girl that I am, which has a long history), so I'm always on the lookout to see if there's some good stuff out there...and in the process of sampling music, well, you know what they say about music and the masses.
    Unfortunately, my love of folk music means that I'm increasingly fated to wade through a lot of poseur, over commercialized, lazy production crap :/

  2. As for the Republicans (well, the ones who gave us this fine,hot mess): no, they don't get rap...they don't get Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs either, they don't get music period I'd say. If you think about it, neither political party does, but the Democrats might have a slight edge on the GOP.
    They brag about ipod playlists that contain AC/DC and whatever (just like the Democrats bragg of playlists that contain Beyonce and Kanye).

    Heh, that says a lot right there, doesn't it?