Monday, January 7, 2013

Crack's Cursed Combination: Comedy, Cartoons & Cults

"Politics is debatable. But the reality isn’t."
Yep - good ol' reality - like it's our God or something,...

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  1. It appears as though the scared rabbits (and more than a few sly foxes perhaps?) are now starting to call for a new party, a nationalist party, with a strong charismatic leader.

    ..uhm, didn't that idea wind up stinking the hell out of the place all the times it got sent down the sewer pipe? Perhaps I'm just being overly pedantic in my insistence upon looking at the history behind the use of terms, and this is all on the up and up -- but for the sake of clarity, and for my poor nerves' sake, it would be -- nice -- if it all didn't sound so deja vu awful.

    Reality for me as of late has been the uneasy apprehension that people are continually pissing in my cornflakes every damn morning....and there's nothing else to eat in my cupboard.