Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Twister: Fired Up And Ready To Go,...

This is a continuance of the last post. 

It doesn't matter to me if someone has a college degree - or how popular they are: 

When people are crazy, they're crazy (even if they stick together) and crazy people need help and direction - not accommodation or fame.

What we're to do about crazy people being allowed to run things - and almost always to the point of disaster before (or even if) they turn back - is the question.
My own attitude is still very confused and ambivalent. How far can you go feeling sorry for him, when he doesn’t feel—is, in fact, incapable of feeling—sorry for anything he has done; when he does not care about the havoc he makes of other people’s lives as long as he gets personal satisfaction. I cannot understand the hairline difference between being a psychopath and being insane.
Aren't we all subject to that lunacy now? It is so rare to find anyone willing to totally break free, so we're all existing within the parameters being set for us - from kinda-crazy to batshit insane - with normalcy being nothing but an afterthought, because hasn't it been established - by the troubled - that no one is normal?

Haven't we been told we're "all" a little gay? Or "spiritual"? Trying to "save the planet"? Even though there are examples, such as myself, that we're not?

 And isn't pursuing these goals - amongst others they're in favor of - a fool's errand?


  1. I almost did go with the game - minus the "green" dots - but then I found that tornado photo and said "What the Hell."

    Happy New Year, EBL.

    I'm writing this at the airport, heading home, so look for those changes I mentioned to begin in a couple of days or so:

    Right now, I'm in need of some serious sleep,...