Monday, January 7, 2013

"Fairly Obvious" Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Fair

"I am just quarreling with normal."
-- Some crazy Newager Ann Althouse (typically) announced "it's time to talk about."

"Aren't we all subject to that lunacy now? It is so rare to find anyone willing to totally break free, so we're all existing within the parameters being set for us - from kinda-crazy to batshit insane - with normalcy being nothing but an afterthought, because hasn't it been established - by the troubled - that no one is normal?"
-- Some crazy nigger Ann Althouse (typically) can't conceive "it's time to talk about." 

 And - still - some wonder why A) so few trust bloggers, B) the information most bloggers provided last election was incorrect, and C) things continue going south: 

Insisting on listening to the wrong people will do that,…

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