Thursday, January 3, 2013

Because, Last I Heard, Smurfs Can't Run For Office,...

Whew! Alright: 

Boehner has been re-elected Speaker of the House. 

So the Republicans aren't totally crazy after all (though, to read the comments over at the Althouse, you wouldn't know it,…those guys are still nuts.) Really, I'm relieved. This is good political news exactly when I need some:

Boehner's an adult, living on the same planet, in a party with too few fitting that description. 

True - he's orange - but still, it would've been a(nother) tragedy to lose him, too. 

This calls for a celebration:

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  1. LOL! You seem to be one of the few (if only) conservative/conservative leaning blogs that appears to be happy with this.

    Most seem to be screaming for his blood, or snorting in disdain about the end of the world (I guess for reals this time, not like that Mayan stuff).

    In my own humble little opinion Boehner is doing a decent job, at least as decent as could be expected (and maybe more) given the crappy circumstances handed to him (which his fellow Republican/conservatives still haven't grown up enough to take the credit for) and the fact that his own fellows are the ones bent on his destruction (because they refuse to grow up enough to realize that they are the cause of their own mess and take steps to amend that...or that this mess and more is what they secretly want in order to get something else -- which in my more conspiratory type moments does fleet through my fancy).