Friday, January 17, 2014

Ted Nugent And Ted Cruz Will Never Give A TEDx Talk

Ted Nugent has made a fool of himself, deciding to celebrate highjack MLK's birthday to spew idiocy about blacks having "slave drivers", and "the destruction of black America is the result of Fedzilla’s $16 trillion and 50-year-old so-called war on poverty, which created a cycle of dependency, destruction and culture rot for black America." 

I'm assuming he finally realized blacks aren't fans of his music.

This kind of talk - for MLK's birthday celebration - is, apparently, supposed to make us blacks feel all warm and fuzzy about conservatives, I guess. (I'll be sure to secure a time to speak about whites at Ted's mother's funeral,...) Anyway, our Loco Yokel ends his screed with this:

Well, the first thing I can tell you is, he wouldn't be hanging with the likes of Ted. The second thing I'm pretty confident about is, I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would like what he saw:

Science, bitches.

Don't believe that? Rather believe Nugent's nonsense about "gangster thugs" he knows nothing about? Then you should read more black press, and not just exclusively white crap, about white people, and their white interests - that's not reality. Here's the one and only Gangsta Rap King, Ice Cube, on fatherhood:


I guess, now's as good a time as any, to mention how Ted Nugent totally ignored whites, slavery, and Jim Crow as possible influences on blacks - where did the country's servants learn such violence? 

Being black, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the "50-year-old so-called war on poverty" when compared to 400 years of unrelenting violence, suffering, theft, ignorance, and conniving, under the likes of Ted and his fans.

Martin Luther King understood that - and he'd be gloriously proud blacks have survived you.

Ted Nugent and his ilk talk like this, totally skewing history,  because he's a liar and a fool who - being white - can get away with it because other whites are too chickenshit to stop him. (They'll leave it - like black's freedom - for us to handle,...) Ted's like another popular liar and fool out there, Ted Cruz, both wrongly assuming, because they're white, they speak for the majority.

Well, TMR and a Muskogee-Creek elder have a message, for both Ted's and anybody else:


  1. It's Ted Nugent -- a draft dodger who tries to make himself out to be a simple person of the land while he's got a freaking estate filled with exotic animals which he can-hunts.
    Clearly people who have not been either soldiers or hunters are impressed by him (although his comments concerning PETA were kinda funny -- but that's because I see him as merely the flip side of the coin from them).


  2. Ted Nugent is funny and entertaining. I like him.

    I don't give a fuck about the problems of blacks. It's up to blacks to take care of themselves. I don't give a fuck about slavery. Has nothing to do with me or with you, asshole.

    I'm in favor of more stuff and a better life for white guys. I'm concerned about the bad things that happened to my ancestors. I don't give a shit about your ancestors. Get used to it.

    You're just a greedy, lazy fuck who wants more stuff for yourself. That's not a civil rights issue.

    Stick it up your ass. You don't give a flying fuck about anybody but yourself, you lazy bastard.

  3. Ted Nugent is as stupid and ugly as Shitting Turd. Neither one has any talent besides ranting like a lunatic.

  4. Pro tip 1: Read the fucking study before you use it as the basis for a post.

    Pro tip 2: ThinkProgress is not a reliable secondary source.

    The "science" you cite is based on data obtained from interviews. That is, these frequencies of interaction are self-reported. Their accuracy hasn't been verified through cross-checking. But put that aside, and assume that blacks and whites are equally truthful.

    The key point is that these results are reported separately for fathers living with and not living with their children. The frequencies of interaction by noncustodial fathers are much, much lower for fathers of both races. This means that to get an accurate comparison of the experiences of black kids and white kids, you've got to take into account any difference in the number of kids of each race who live with their fathers.

    As is well known--or should be by anyone who blogs about this--there is a HUGE difference in the percentage in white and black fathers living with their children: 75% of white kids vs. 37% of black kids. source (Percent of fathers living with their children, broken out by race, isn't so easy to find.)

    So the correct math for your conclusion is this:

    average frequency with which a father interacts with his kids = (frequency of interaction by father in residence)*(percent of fathers who are in residence) + (frequency of interaction by non-resident father)*(percent of fathers who are not in residence). Those calculations won't support your conclusion.

    Even more relevant is the frequency with which a kid interacts with his or her father. A father who interacts with at least one of his 4 days a week but has kids with two different women might only interact with each of his kids 2 days a week. So the number of different baby mamas per daddy is a potentially important statistic that is nowhere to be found in any of the "reports" you rely on.

    Shorter version: The big racial difference in absentee father rates swamps the small racial differences in self-reported rates of interaction with their kids.