Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Macho Response: When Numerology Saves The Day

 Now that someone important has also informed us “The Devil Comes With a Smile” I hope you won't mind coming here any longer because, in 2013 - clearly - neither I nor TMR has exactly fit that profile.
"It wasn’t perfect, but it was honest, and it was mine."

 A German woman did wonder if I had a tail once, but - different story.


 No, if anything, I'm on the other side and I think it's about time we play "Name That Tune"!


 You know, the one we've been dancing to,...all these years? 

I reminded you, character is what happens when no one is watching, and I told you I was watching. 

You were the ones who insisted on telling me I was, one [Smile].

Well-laid plans always work out so well.


 As I also told you, all I had to do was,...wait:

So let's see, 2014 - 1986.

8+6 is 14 of course, and then there's 1968, drop the 1, which is 1868. Well, whaddayaknow?

Three years after the Civil War.

Uh - uh, this does not look good.

No, Lord, not a lot to smile about there.

So we have to remember we're here - especially those of us who always were. Here. Now.

And what are we to think of those who've had to "find" themselves?


They've probably never existed to begin with:

Good thing we're starting over,…

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  1. Do you know where I got this link?
    I got it from a doggie/horsey site (not exactly what anyone would claim to be a place of hard hitting investigative journalism, I'm sure).

    Now, you would think that something like this -- I mean, Earth First has connections to The Family and a host of other organizations, and is part of a clustering of groups that all of our security organs consider to be one of the biggest domestic terrorism threats facing us, plus The Family certainly could create site hits -- the conservative blogosphere (or just journalists really) would be all over, should be all over, with their shovels out.
    But no...and I can't help but wonder that the reason for this is:
    They aren't any better, and may be connected to the same groups themselves...both fucking sides share the same damn philosophy (somebody better tell Mr. Ex-libertarian Bunny-hugger...unless of course he himself really really likes some of the shared message and just ain't sayin' ;) ).

    And this is why, imhao, this is all a big no-win situation for everybody.