Friday, January 3, 2014

The Macho Response: When My Reiki Has You Touched

"First, the history department, where he had a joint appointment, abruptly terminated his joint arrangement. They simply stopped inviting him to department meetings, but never informed him of their decision. Then the dean of the college wrote him a note saying that the college had decided in its wisdom that the tenure quote for Black Studies would be capped at one for all time. This meant, she explained, that if the current candidate came up for tenure as mandated by college legislation, he might well be successful and then no other Black Studies professor would ever have a chance to be tenured. In order to level the playing field, she curiously argued, she would advance the next person in line, who would have been eligible for evaluation the following year. Thus, she reasoned, two (black) people would have a chance to slug it out while the rest of the college would presumably enjoy the spectacle.”

"Yes, this is the 'gospel' of the 21st century, 'Spirit-filled' church of America, where the cross is bypassed, denial of the flesh is scorned, purity is called legalism, and anything goes if it feels good."


Starting over,...

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  1. I like to call it The Church of Convenient Christ -- if it's in any way convenient for you, then God obviously wants it.
    Or perhaps it could be called the Church of Modern Day Pussy-Ass Chump Motherfuckers (because really, if you are that much of a baby that you have to have God applauding you for every dump you take then there isn't any true hope for you ever maturing).

    I did a double take when I saw that line about gay men and straight women are natural born allies -- and then immediately thought of that segment by Eddie Murphy, which was truly hilarious.
    Of course it's bullshit: wouldn't we be more natural rivals (since we're hunting the same quarry after all)? Oh well, glad I'm old once again.

    And yes, we probably should put as much emphasis on slavery as we do on the Holocaust -- they match up pretty well in a lot of ways, if you think about it.
    But memorials and flowery speeches , however feel good they may be, don't solve problems -- and I've noticed that Europe still has a hang up with Jews....and they doth protest too much (that they don't).

    And I'm still stuck feeding the beast, buying stuff for non-health reasons from a stupid health food shop because I have a weakness for pretty smells...trapped in a spider's web by my own are we all.

    Happy belated New Year's by the way.