Friday, January 17, 2014

LOST: CMC, Chris Christie, The Party Of Tea & The GOP

Alright, you hardcore Right-Wing lunatics, get your camping gear, we're gonna get high and wander the political wilderness - again:

And I don't see Chris Christie - the absolute best retail talent we've got - doing anything to change that. I wouldn't. Because our party's got too many kooks. So what's the point? Christie's a guy's guy and, more than likely, he's gonna be a guy and say, "Fuck 'em, they don't wanna win? Purity's more important? Fine - go be 'pure' under Hillary - nobody has to suffer fools like you."

And that, as they say, will be that.

How many losses will this be now? Unforced errors? Fiascos? Desperately chasing one worthless made-up "scandal" after another - it's been like watching “Loose Change" all over again.

But, just like with racism, there's no talking to these loonies. They don't feel authentic unless they're being some combination of stubborn, arrogant, and ignorant, leaving results any idiot could've predicted - and has.

Oh well, there's nothing to stop you now - there's the Democrats, stronger than ever, laying in wait - and there you are now, the leader, but without any of the cover Republicans like me and Christie offered. 

We'll, gladly, bring up the rear this go 'round.

And they're all gonna laugh at you.

Because, at this point, it's obvious you guys have NO IDEA where you're going,…


  1. Let's get this straight, jackass.

    I don't give a fuck about racism.

    You've got your troubles, I've got mine.

    I'm have zero interest in kissing your fat lazy black ass.

    I vote for the guy who does stuff for me and my family. You are on your own to do the same.

    Your notion that other people should worry about your problems and kiss your ass is bullshit. Fuck you.

  2. Which one of the GOP potential candidates do you think will do things for you and your family?

    I seriously want to know -- it would provide some interesting information perhaps.

    And also opens the door for this: that's well and good, seems sensible, but realize that other voters out there are thinking the very same thing...and they may not think that your best guy/gal will do for them.

    If we start talking (in a civil way) about that little detail, then perhaps more people can come to a consensus about who might be the most do-able for everybody -- and thus be more likely to win more votes, and thus be more of a fair representative of everybody in the country, yadda yadda, we all live happily (or at least not quite so unhappily) ever after (ok, I hyperbolized there, but you get the drift).


  3. We're not all laughing at Allen West. He put his best foot forward for the country and if that foot got lopped off and he's now ridiculed because people know that he finds his wife sexually attractive then so be it.

    I'm not sure how TMR views the service and sacrifice of black Americans in the military. There are some to be especially proud of. One who I heard stories about when I was in Vietnam was the legendary fighter pilot General Chappie James.

  4. Shitting Turd, too dumb to know Asian women find him repulsive and are only using him.

  5. Dad Bones,

    I'm not sure how TMR views the service and sacrifice of black Americans in the military.

    I served and respect those who do as well.

    Don't let the game fool you,...

  6. Eh, don't get your panties into too much of a twist Tommy Boy...I'm putting money on Mitt getting to be yer boy again. Give it time, you'll be talked into it -- the trickle is already starting ;)