Thursday, August 20, 2009

Entering A Girl's Room - Filled With Panda Bears

"It’s not asking a lot for you to throw down a couple of bucks for your own medical care.

I still get frantic calls from patients saying that my prescription says '600 mg' of Motrin and all they sell are 200 mg tablets. I weep for this generation. Have Americans always been this stupid or is this something recent? It’s probably a recent thing. My older patients may or may not have a college education or advanced degrees but most of them seem to have some basic common sense.

We are definitely getting less intelligent. Apparently being a moron is not only an accepted lifestyle choice but, given the growing allure of the welfare state, it is now also a desirable survival characteristic and one that is being aggressively selected for.

Patient of the Week

'My Doctor told me to come in to be admitted for back pain.'

'I have no doubt your back hurts but as you are clearly without neurological deficits, appear comfortable, have no fever, and a negative urinalysis there is no indication to admit. What kind of doctor is he?'

'A chiropractor.'

'We have an automatic door in the department so if you move quickly it won’t hit you on the ass on your way out.'

The Crying Game

Remember that movie where, after a couple of hours it is finally revealed that the chick is a dude? That’s kind of like President Obama.  All of his breathless supporters thought he was a beautiful, sensitive, caring girl but now 200 days into his presidency he has shown everybody his penis and, although they still want to like him, it’s hard now because the chick’s a dude, man.  Sort of changes everything. I mean, she still sounds the same, looks the same, is wearing the same clothes but she’s a guy…and all but his most ardent followers must be squirming in their seats to think they were ever attracted.

Sure, the die-hard zealots, those who have in the dead of night surreptitiously scraped off their 'Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism' bumper stickers still think he’s good-looking even if he has a twig and berries but the majority of Americans, those who care I mean, are catching on that the Sun God, Ra-Obama, is something of a petty dictator along the lines of Mussolini. That and he is completely out of his element, not very smart, and well along in completely screwing up the one thing he was mistakenly elected to fix. A silver tongue/teleprompter and charm are not a substitute for basic intelligence and some friggin’ common sense, even in the insanity that passes for American political culture."
-- Panda Bear, M.D., starting with what has to be our Quote Of The Week ("It’s not asking a lot for you to throw down a couple of bucks for your own medical care.") and ending by kicking the chick, who thinks otherwise, in the poon - which he can do - because he's working our "sister" blog, called Panda Bear, M.D..

Oh, and BTW: I am now,...

Officially done,...

With pictures of people,...

Flipping you off:

I think, by now, I've made my feelings perfectly clear.

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