Thursday, August 20, 2009

All This Racial Anger Is Getting Too Dark For Me

Listen to these white liberal idiots, projecting their anti-white racial nightmares onto white American conservatives,...

And, now, look at the conservative they were talking about - but, through careful editing, weren't allowing you to see.

The media (especially MSNBC) are a bunch of racist liars who went insane a long time ago.


  1. 2003: Liberals protesting the invasion of Iraq show up at Bush rally wearing "No Bush" t-shirts and are promptly arrested.

    Conservative pundits denounce protestors as "unpatriotic" and hold up arrests up evidence that the "system works".

    2009: Conservatives protesting healthcare reform show up at Obama speech wielding AR-15s and signs calling for violent revolution.

    Conservative pundits moan about "tyranny" and invite gun-nuts on the air for lengthy interviews.

    Hypocritical much?

  2. Proof, Johnny, proof. Start with the t-shirts arrests.


    ...lawsuit filed yesterday by the ACLU against the White House and the Secret Service on behalf of two West Virginia Republicans, Jeff Rank, 29, and Nicole, 30, who were arrested on July 4 at a Charleston, West Virginia, rally for President Bush, because they refused to remove two home-made T-shirts sporting the circle-and-slash "no" symbol superimposed over the word "Bush."

    According to the suit, filed by the ACLU in federal court, even though the Ranks had tickets to the event, which was held on the grounds of the state capital, and were not being disruptive, city police arrested and handcuffed them, charging them with trespassing, and held them for several hours, on instructions of the Secret Service, the federal police agency that is tasked with "protecting" the president.

    Nicole, who works for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a notorious nest of right-wing loonies, was also temporarily suspended from her job following the arrests.

  4. Wearing rude t-shirts is one thing, carrying loaded firearms to political rallies is another.

    Enough is enough. Time for Obama and the secret service to take a page from the Bush playbook and CRACK DOWN on these "tea bagger" idiots.

    That's what the Patriot Act is for, after all.

  5. I'm not going to quibble (as you know, I hate quibbling) but those are hardly "liberals protesting", Johnny. And my spider sense tells me there's more here than meets the eye. I'll look into it:

    With a name like "Rank" it shouldn't be hard.

    And, USA, carrying firearms is a right in this country - that's why they're doing it - so, if you don't like it, find another.

  6. Oh, and one more thing:

    I like how both of you ignored the point of the post - liberal media lies and deceptive editing - to make your own points. Changing the subject is also how liberals fight.

    It's weird. Like you're not really people or something. You'd never get away with that in a normal, offline, conversation.

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  8. Hey, Mason, how's that for a response?

    Excuse me for saying I'd take anything a Leftist says seriously - my mistake. I forgot that even that won't stop your punk asses from carping.

    Fuck you. Now go on back to reaping what you've sown.

  9. Kudos on the "intelligent" retort, dude. Always a good idea to hide opposing viewpoints then add a "fuck you." If you're scared, that is. Macho, my ass.

  10. Like liberals are open to opposing viewpoints. You don't fool me for a second. You're a horse's ass. Keep it up and I'll cut every liberal opinion that shows up on the thing. I know who I'm dealing with and will gladly play exactly the same way you do. You get nothing from me unless I decide to give it to you. Otherwise, go fuck yourself.

    Intelligent enough for you?

  11. What you got, I (or any other sane person) wouldn't want. Keep on whining.

  12. Ha - then explain why you're here, genius.

    This ought to be good.

  13. Heard about this whacked out paranoid blog and had to see for myself if you were as off the wall as I heard.

  14. Yea, but that doesn't explain why you're STILL here.