Sunday, August 9, 2009

One Thing Leads To Another (Don't You Get It?)

"It seems the question nowadays isn't: Are you going to get crazy about an ex? Rather, it's: How crazy are you going to get?

Consider: The woman who figured out a voice-mail code for her ex (he spelled his name numerically), checked his messages for three solid weeks to discover he was cheating with two different women, then called Woman 1 pretending to be Woman 2. Or the lady who faked cancer to get back together with her ex . . . for one magical week. Or the man who found out his ex-wife's e-mail password (it was her license plate number -- 'she was really into her car') and discovered the sketchy New Age guy she was cheating on him with was now asking to borrow $1,000.


-- Mandy Stadtmiller, telling us a few stories about the fall-out of betrayal - without a word condemning the act of betrayal - like betrayal's so normal, or maybe she's just a creep, working at The New York Post.

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