Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey - I've Got A Great Idea For How NewAgers Can Achieve A Personal Transformation: Get Everybody Naked And Then Kill Yourselves

"A Korean student died from multiple stab wounds three days after attending a Turning Point self-help course - the third death linked to the controversial program.

The inquest into the death of Sydney woman Rebekah Lawrence (above) heard that a year after the 34-year-old plunged naked to her death, the Korean man was found naked in his Wollongong home, south of Sydney, with possibly 'self-inflicted' stab wounds, The Australian reports.

Counsel assisting the inquiry in Sydney, Robert Bromwich, said there were 'parallels' between the deaths.

The man, who was not identified yesterday, was found naked, with multiple stab wounds, three days after completing a four-day Turning Point course.

Ms Lawrence died two days after completing the course.

Yesterday, The Australian revealed Darren Hughes, 24, had plunged to his death from a 12m-high window 18 years before Lawrence's death while on a course run by the creator of the Turning Point program."

-- Etan Smallman and Angus Hohenboken, who are probably learning a whole lot about how to improve themselves - because there has to be something wrong with being just plain old them - otherwise all these positive tales of what it means to find true enlightenment wouldn't be on

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