Thursday, August 13, 2009

Honest Talk - On A(nother) Subject Full Of Lies

Pam Spaulding has written a very-revealing piece on "The cultural third rails of race and sexuality". Revealing because she starts off by saying addressing these topics usually:

"Results in most conversations falling into silence for fear of conflict, offending someone, or having to realize one's own biases in front of others."

Fear. In other words, cowardice. Isn't that what I'm usually accusing you doofuses of after you get all Buddhist on me and start demanding, "What are you afraid of?"? Especially when you could give a shit about me being afraid or offended?

And even worse, not only are you cowards, but you put on a front (see photo above) and won't just admit it straight out; instead I have to wait for some stupid side-ways reference to it in another dumb ass column in Salon.

So what's going on here? How stupid does it get? This article is about a report by The Human Rights Campaign Foundation on the LGBT set (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals) but aren't lesbians, by definition, gays? Why do they get their own letter? What the fuck is up with that?

Those damn feminists just can't leave well-enough alone.

Anyway, The Human Rights Campaign Foundation discovered several amazing (and stupid) things, including that "Religious attitudes are a major source of sexual prejudice. For LGBT people of color, many of whom are regular churchgoers, the conflict is acute. More than half of LGBT people of color interviewed feel treated like sinners by their ethnic and racial communities, and faith communities are among the places LGBT people of color feel least accepted."

Did it ever occur to these people not to go to church? I mean, I've been around my share of gay folks and - let's get serious - these are not exactly a spiritual people.

And, since there is no "God", it seems pretty dumb to go to church - where they know religious folks use doctrine to oppress gays - only to then complain that's what's happening in there. What did they think they would find?

I mean, religion has killed more people than almost anything else - without "God" intervening - so, call me "Captain Obvious", but I don't think you need to be around it.

Next is this wild confession: "LGBT people of color view the world first from the point of view of race and gender. Most feel there is as much racism and sexism among LGBT people as there is among non-LGBT people, and racially motivated violence and discrimination are more prevalent than violence or prejudice based on sexual orientation."

So we're talking about a racist and sexist grouping here. Or maybe I've got that wrong - here, let's read that again:

"LGBT people of color view the world first from the point of view of race and gender."

Nope - sounds like a bunch of racists and sexists to me - nothing about "the content of a man's character" in there. And not only that, but they're beating the shit out of each other over it! What a bunch of losers!

How am I expected to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these people when, at any given moment, one of them is probably going to be poking me in the chest, screaming "What chu lookin' at, Breeder?" Hell, if they can't even get along with each other, then they're on their own: I'm outta there.

What else have we got from these lunatics? "LGBT people of color are serious media consumers, but they do not find enough information or see accurate media representations of themselves."

Let's see, I'm turning on the T.V. as I write this, and I see,...people. My major requirements for an "accurate" media representation of myself is as follows: Two eyes and ears, a nose and mouth, most other shit optional - including the stuff I mentioned as a requirement.

And if there's "accurate media representations" of gays we don't see very often, it's when they try to sneak into the beds of straight people to have sex with them in their sleep, ala "Dr. Franekfurter" and Susan Sarandon in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. That's the only time I've ever seen that occurrence portrayed - anywhere - and, as often as they tried it when I was a kid in the foster homes, I'd think it should've been included in every Will & Grace episode. Or, at least, as part of any serious discussion of gay behavior. Not that there are any serious discussions of gay behavior. I mean, look at how much I can talk about that nobody else is:

Somehow The Human Rights Campaign Foundation didn't get around to probing these issues.

Look, Folks, this is mind-numbingly stupid. Unlike the rest of you who are "falling into silence for fear of conflict, offending someone, or having to realize one's own biases in front of others", I'm not scared of shit, so I'm just going to spit my thoughts on gays out there, and y'all are gonna have to deal with it:

If gays want to be included with the rest of humanity then quit trying to be so friggin' different. That only separates you from the rest of us.

Stop kissing each other in front of the Mormon church, or demanding you get to dictate what subjects are safe to talk about, or declaring everybody's gay, or straights are "breeders", or any of the other bullshit you parade as part of your fucking "pride".

It's fucking silly.

The Mattachine Society told you, a long time ago, you'd lose your dignity before you gained anything worthwhile - and you'd regret it. And, for the most part, they were right.

You've come a long way but, as a straight male who's able to hear what others say about you behind your backs, it's your dignity - the ability to command the respect of anyone other than "friendly" cowards too afraid (and, thus, dishonest) to offend you - that's never been given it's due, and straights are right for not doing so, because you haven't earned it.

You're trying too hard to get around reality rather than dealing with it. You're stuck in a pattern of being duplicitous, subversive, or confrontational, none of which is gonna win you any converts amongst people like me. And I've said, forever, that gay marriage is going to happen. But not like this.

You've got to stop trying to stress how weird you can be. Believe me: we know how weird you can be. Now, as those two old rap songs by The Pharcyde said, "You can't keep runnin' away" but "Gotta kick something that means something".

Otherwise, Ladies, you ain't got a damn thing coming.


  1. We have a transgender (he got an operation) at the office.. I mean he didn't get the operation at the office. He took some time off went to another state and came back with another name and a request to be allowed to use the ladies room.

    It caused a problem at first but people talking, they were able to find an accommodation.

    Those women that didn't accept it get on the elevator to the ladies room down the lobby.

  2. My issue with transgendered people... Gender's not actually that important, ok? How petty to waste your life and money and mental space on changing something you were born with. I know it won't fly on this blog, but take a more Taoist tack. Shouldn't you be mature enough to accept some basic premises about your physical endowments, and then move along to, you know, become an engineer or an author or something? I know that in theory someone could have gender reassignment surgery and move along with their life, but from my experience, people who do are mammothly self-obsessed and certainly do not "move on" from the issue of their identity.