Friday, August 28, 2009

What's Funny Is Liberals Only Like This Kind Of Talk When It's Coming From One Of Their Own

"I am judging!" "Western culture is BETTER!"

Let a conservative say this and he's a bad guy. But coming from Bill Maher, it's brilliance worthy of applause.

There's just no consistency in liberalism, and living with liberal hypocrisy is a drag on the culture. They'll say or do anything to feel good about themselves - even if it means going against what they just said they "believe" in - and then wonder why nobody trusts them.

How about because you just lied to us? You said you were "totally non-judgmental", and now you're applauding a call to be judgmental just because Bill Maher told you to. Why couldn't you applaud when Ronald Reagan said the same thing? Because you're a hypocrite, that's why. You won't applaud common sense just for being common sense, but only if it's coming from someone who votes as you do - and you don't expect that I'll see that hypocrisy and call you on it? What do you think I am? I know: you think I'm as stupid, and blinkered, as you are. Thanks a lot.

Your adding insult to injury changes everything.

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