Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On

Well now, isn't this a big "Fuck you" to NewAge culture and passive thinking:

Former Scientologist, Paul Grosswald, has given a lecture on how the cult does their thing - and how to break it - and, wouldn't you know, the answer is The Macho Response:

"My parents went ballistic," he said.

His parents remained persistent and phoned the Church of Scientology demanding to see him. According to Grosswald, his father ultimately wound up threatening organization leader John Carmichael in Scientology jargon. 'He said, "If I don't see my son by Wednesday you're fair game."

The Church of Scientology permitted Grosswald a 45 minute outing. His parents, his aunt and his best friend, however, kept him in a car speeding along the Long Island Expressway to a hotel where exit counselors were waiting.

Those counselors put many, many questions in his head. Then they handed him the story of Xenu. As his parents recall his face whitened. The Church convinced him that reading those materials prematurely would cause death.

Back at the Church, Grosswald spilled the evening's events to Carmichael. He also told him that his father warned, 'For every person you recruit, we're going to keep ten people out.'

The Church of Scientology deemed Grosswald a security threat and threw him out."
So much for being "open-minded", huh? Grosswald also told everyone what kind of people join cults:

"Bright? Of course. Curious about the world around me? Sure. Idealistic? Sometimes. Like being the recipient of a compliment? Who doesn't? Take risks? From time to time.

So when Paul Grosswald, a former Scientologist-turned-anti-cult-lecturer, instructed those who checked off at least three of the nine general statements on a handout to raise their hands, everyone's digits reached towards the ceiling.

'You are exactly the type of people that cult recruiters are looking for,' he said,..."
See? Being such an anti-cultist you're an asshole about it, ain't on the list. Being "close-minded" ain't on the list. Being willing to pop somebody in the mouth if they fuck with you, ain't on the list. Being about as "independent as a hog on ice", ain't on the list.

Gullible, narcissistic pussies, looking for friends and "new experiences" - and so turned off by even the possibility of confrontation they'll let others start to make decisions for them - are all that's on the list. Oh - and then there's also the issue of timing:

"Stereotypes play less of a role in a cult catch than a recruiter striking during one of life's trying times."
How kind, how compassionate, how sick can these people get? Let Grosswald tell you:

"At the point where you see body Thetans crawling on your arms, you're psychotic."
Sweet. Isn't NewAge wonderful? And aren't all of you the most "open-minded" people in the world for allowing this shit to spread unimpeded, because you can't stand the idea of anyone being "judgmental"? Yea, you guys are a bunch of real pals. Society's brightest stars.

Or rather, you're a bunch of evil morons without an ounce of goodness in your hearts, nor a gram of good sense in your heads. You're cruel, criminals, and the worst kind of cowards.

You sicken me that you allow people to drive others "psychotic" right under your noses - on street corners, on T.V., in books and in movies - and you say and do NOTHING. "People can believe what they want to believe." Oh yea? Says who? You? Why? Because YOU "believe" it?

Well who the fuck are you to give away someone else's freedom?

And what kind of American takes such a position?

I'll tell you:

A pretty sorry one.

And that's exactly what y'all have become:

Some pretty piss-poor excuses for Americans. Hell, for people.

And mark my words: your chief creep is going down,...


  1. I am tired of clueless US politicians who support Scientology although they should know it better, or who sign recommandation letters that are later presented by the cult as proof that they are accepted in society.

    # Rep Gus Bilirakis (R-FL) (R_FL - his district includes Clearwater): co-signed a letter of protest in May 2009 to the Ambassador of France because he didn't like the MIVILUDES report that had been published one day before. In 2007, he donated a flag that was flown over the United States Capitol to the Scientology New Life Improvement Center in Plant City, Florida. He also voted for H. CON. RES. 22, claiming that he's always concerned when a group is singled out for persecution. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Clearwater Scientologist Brett Miller is on a Bilirakis advisory board.

    # Sen Christopher Kit Bond (R-MI): sent a letter of congratulation to the Church of Scientology of Missouri in December 2004

    # Rep Sonny Bono (R-CA): Took Scientology course(s) and was quoted in a full-page ad at the death of L. Ron Hubbard in 1986:

    My only sorrow is that L. Ron Hubbard left before I could thank him for my new life.

    # Sen James M. Imhofe (R-OK), congratulated Narconon Chilocco, Scientology's drug rehabilitation scam.

    # Sen James Jeffords (R-VT): Chick Corea incident, complained to the german ambassador and to the head of the CSCE delegation.

    # Rep Bob Inglis (R-SC) (R_FL): co-signed a letter of protest in May 2009 to the Ambassador of France because he didn't like the MIVILUDES report that had been published one day before.

    # Sen Richard Lugar (R-IN): praised the Scientology front group Concerned Businessmen's Association of America

    # Sen Connie Mack (R-FL), sent a letter to the White House, urging the first family to meet with the the Scientology front group Hands of Hope. (By the way, "Connie" is male). He lost his seat in the 2000 election.

    # Nancy Reagan, former 1st lady: submitted support-letter to the Drug-Free-Marshalls.

    # Richard Riordan (R), Mayor of the city of Los Angeles, accepted a $ 25,000 check from the Friends of L. Ron Hubbard for his fund Mayor's Alliance for a Safer L.A. designed to modernize to LA police department. Considering the notorious information osmosis between Scientology and the L.A.P.D.; Scientology can now proudly consider itself a shareholder of the L.A.P.D. ! Wow !

    # Rep James E. Rogan (R-CA): Jim Rogan "inherited" the Glendale district from Carlos Moorhead, and joined H. CON. RES. 22. He also signed a proclamation in 1997 praising Scientology Celebrity Center for its "community activities". In June 2000 he introduced Scientologist Craig Jensen as "an old friend of mine" at a hearing of the House International Relations Committee on the treatment of religious minorities in Western Europe. Who pays him? Scientologists Craig Jensen, his wife Sally Jensen, Joseph Feshbach and Nancy Cartwright. It didn't help him - he lost his seat in the 2000 election. His Chief of Staff was Scientologist Greg Mitchell (details here and here). Greg is now vice-president of Keelen Communications and also involved with the Scientologist group Citizens for Social Reform.

  2. #Rep Matt Salmon (R-AZ, LDS member): Introduced H.CON.RES.325 in 1998 condemning Germany for its activities against Scientology, and H.RES 388 IH in 1999, and H.RES 588 IH in 2000 (which condemns about every country in Western Europe for discriminating almost everyone). Joined a press release in 1999 which complained that "European countries are following the German example". Claimed to a journalist that Chick Corea couldn't get a permission to make concerts in Germany. When asked what kind of "permission" is needed, he answered: "That's what Chick Corea tells us". (Read the article online). Scientology likes him so much that they praised him in their propaganda organ. He lost his seat at the 2000 election.

    # Rep Christopher H. Smith (R-NJ), chairman of the CSCE: in 1999, he co-wrote a letter to the European Council in an unsuccessful effort to prevent them from publishing a report critical on cults.

    # Sen Gordon Smith (R-OR): As the chairman of the foreign relations committee's European affairs subcommittee he suggested at a hearing (around May 1st, 2001) to impose retaliatory sanctions against France, Belgium, Germany and Austria for "increased hostility toward smaller and newer religions", saying the US could choose to decline visas to European church groups and journalists.

    # Sen Olympia Snowe (R-MN): in August 1996 asked Secretary of State Warren Christopher to investigate "religious discrimination" of Scientologists.

    # Rep Brad Sherman (D-CA): On August 7, 2004, he presented a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in recognition of the Scientology Celebrity Centre’s 35th anniversary of "humanitarian and voluntary contributions", together with Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

    # Rep Dianne Watson (D-CA) (R_FL): co-signed a letter of protest in May 2009 to the Ambassador of France because he didn't like the MIVILUDES report that had been published one day before. As a California State Senator, Watson also supported Scientology in a 1996 "human rights" event (honoring Scientologist Isaac Hayes) at the Celebrity Centre.

    # Former CA Governor Pete Wilson (R-CA): submitted a congratulation to NARCONON and a proclamation to the Celebrity Centre

    # Rep Frank Wolf (R-VA) (R_FL): co-signed a letter of protest in May 2009 to the Ambassador of France because he didn't like the MIVILUDES report that had been published one day before.

  3. Future President Sarah Palin Pals Around with Scientologist Advisor

    Sarah Palin is seeking the advice of a Scientologist as she plots her 2012 presidential run, which just makes sense to us.

    John P. Coale, a prominent Washington lawyer and power-broker, is secretly running Palin's political action committee and working to "protect the Palin brand," according to the Washington Post. He is very, very good at doing that because he can walk through walls and read minds and leave his body and never gets sick because he is a Scientologist.

    Coale is also the husband of Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren, whom he recruited into the church. Van Susteren's penetration of the Palin clan is total—she's been in Alaska practically every other week burnishing Palin's image in friendly profiles. The church's recruitment strategy has always been to snag high-profile converts like Tom Cruise and Will Smith, and it is well known for dispatching operatives on elaborate covert schemes to draw unsuspecting targets into the cocoon.

    Coale is no Scientology slouch; according to a web site that tracks public announcements of Scientology course completions, he appears to have reached OT-VII, the cult's second most powerful level. His most recent training, in 2005, was in how to "detect and handle suppressive persons"—that means you, Todd!

  4. Jeb Bush Praises Scientologists

    While the religion of Tom Cruise and John Travolta has been getting some tough press in recent days, it’s also been lauded by President Bush’s brother.

    Florida Governor Jeb Bush raised eyebrows among the critics of the sometimes controversial religion recently when he honored Scientology volunteers who helped victims of hurricanes in his state.

    Members of the group — which was put in the spotlight this week by the New York Daily News for its alleged anti-homosexual philosophy — were given a “Points of Light Award” as Hurricane Heroes. Scientology volunteers have been high profile at disaster scenes recently, distributing food and water, as well as delivering controversial “touch assist” healings that supposedly help victims through the laying on of hands.

  5. Did Scientologists Pressure FOX News to Fire Roger Friedman?

    Fox News bowed to pressure from Kelly Preston, Tom Cruise and other members of the Church of Scientology when it fired columnist Roger Friedman, the entertainment journo is expected to charge in a wrongful termination lawsuit this week.

    In April, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. announced it had “terminated” Friedman after he wrote on FoxNews.com about watching a pirated Internet copy of 20th Century Fox’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

    Friedman is convinced that was a cover story. Last August, Friedman went to Memphis for the funeral of his friend and R&B legend Isaac Hayes, who was a Scientologist. Preston was also in town for the funeral. Friedman, who now writes for The Hollywood Reporter, tells us that when Preston saw him at the Peabody Hotel, Mrs. John Travolta loudly blasted him for his columns criticizing Scientology.

    “She called me a ‘religious bigot,’  ” Friedman recalls.

    The following month, says an ally of Friedman, Preston voiced her complaints about Friedman to Fox News chief Roger Ailes and his then-EVP, John Moody.

    “Moody talked to her on the phone,” says the source. “When she couldn’t get Moody to fire Friedman, she called him a [obscenity].”

    Ailes and Moody later agreed to meet with Preston and Church of Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis (the son of actress Anne Archer), according to the source, who says Friedman’s editors subsequently forbid him from writing about the death in January of Preston’s son, Jett.

    Meanwhile, Friedman says, 20th Century Fox chairman Jim Gianopoulos had been encouraging him to lay off Cruise’s movie “Valkyrie,” which Fox was distributing internationally.

  6. So WHAT if SarahPAC is run by a "scientologist" (whatever that is) scientists are usually liberal, true, but maybe this one is a Bible-Believing Christian who knows?

    Anyway I am voting for Sarah Palin not her political advisor he probably doesnt have any influence over her anyway.

    Just another move by the liberal media (duh!!!) to bash a GODLY WOMAN FOR NO REASON IF YOU WANT MY OPINION

  7. Oh Greta Van Sustern on Fox is a scientist too, and Jeb Bush likes scientists, WHO CARES?!?!?!!

    "He that is of a perverse heart, shall not find good: and he that perverteth his tongue, shall fall into evil." [Proverbs 17:20]

  8. Scientology would be a joke but for its power to hypnotise and mind control vulnerable victims. I doubt that Sarah Palin is a vulnerable person. However,she may be seen as a target because she would listen to anyone that does not attack her own beliefs at this point. Great post Crack.

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