Sunday, July 26, 2009

All Mest Up: Let's Pull For John Travolta

"There are those who are speculating whether or not Travolta, in his deep agony, will leave the church. Some people say no, he's in too deep. Some say the cult has too much dirt on him in his Preclear Files. Some say he can't admit he's been taken so badly all these years. Well, I say not so fast. I think it's now or never. If I could admit to and let go of twenty years of embarrassing New Age wingnuttery, I bet Travolta can do the same.

The man has lost his beloved son. I can only imagine what's going on in his mind and heart. Sorrow. Guilt. Regret. If only he'd done X,Y or Z it would have been different. I for one, hope he's able to find the bracing, terrible beauty of reality through this tragedy. I hope he uses it to heal his heart. I also hope he finds the courage to step-up and hit a real homer out of the park and say 'stay away from this bullshit cult and its medical quackery.' Impossible you say? Well, I say, shit happens . . ."

-- Pareidolius, "a recovered magical-thinker making up for lost time" - and (I think) a very, very brave man - on the personal troubles of John Travolta, and how he, too, was once All Mest Up.

Read this whole thing, people. I think it's beautiful, it being so rare. One of these days I hope to meet this man:

He's instantly become one of my heroes.

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