Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just You Wait: He'll Spin It As Toughening Us Up

"Nobody wants to hear it, but this fact is too important to ignore: So far, the first African-American presidency has been one of the worst ever for African-Americans. The economic crisis has predominantly hit non-white working class men; the collapse of the auto industry is threatening to destroy the basis of the Midwestern black middle class. Key matters for African-Americans languish — the overincarceration of young black men that makes a mockery of American justice being the number one example. Government aid? That goes to bankers in Connecticut. If the President were white, there would be riots."

-- Stephen Marche, not really noticing it was much the same situation during the Clinton Administration - AKA The (Other) First Black President - which is why I rarely post items from Esquire.

And ain't it grand he's lecturing black fathers on taking care of their kids at the same time? He's the best president EVER!!!!