Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Ain't No Jesus But I'll Do My Best (I Always Do)

Ladies and Gentlemen, everybody's favorite former-foster child is off to bed now, and looking forward to another peaceful evening of nightmares - about my NewAge ex-wife's betrayal and murders - only to awaken to yet another beautiful NewAge day of more of the same nonsense by her many, many friends (known and unknown, NewAge and otherwise) in the fold of "believers".

You all take care, and I'll see you tomorrow, when I'm sure some other crackpot, somewhere, who believes in some outrageously out-dated bullshit they believe is "progressive" or right, will do everything in his/her power to advance thier sick goals and assure that I, a man with merely my words and ideas, won't do anything to disturb the agenda of another bitchy NewAge damsel in (mental) distress.

I can't wait.

Sleep tight, y'all. I love ya. I really do.

And, oh, the picture above? No purpose, really. It's just a representation of where all this "spiritual" goofballsiness started in my life, and I just find such things make this whole experience a little easier to handle,...for me, anyway,...as a reminder:

It's so important, no matter what you've been through or what people are putting you through, to do a little something for yourself,...