Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Ain't No Jesus But I'll Do My Best (I Always Do)

Ladies and Gentlemen, everybody's favorite former-foster child is off to bed now, and looking forward to another peaceful evening of nightmares - about my NewAge ex-wife's betrayal and murders - only to awaken to yet another beautiful NewAge day of more of the same nonsense by her many, many friends (known and unknown, NewAge and otherwise) in the fold of "believers".

You all take care, and I'll see you tomorrow, when I'm sure some other crackpot, somewhere, who believes in some outrageously out-dated bullshit they believe is "progressive" or right, will do everything in his/her power to advance thier sick goals and assure that I, a man with merely my words and ideas, won't do anything to disturb the agenda of another bitchy NewAge damsel in (mental) distress.

I can't wait.

Sleep tight, y'all. I love ya. I really do.

And, oh, the picture above? No purpose, really. It's just a representation of where all this "spiritual" goofballsiness started in my life, and I just find such things make this whole experience a little easier to handle,...for me, anyway,...as a reminder:

It's so important, no matter what you've been through or what people are putting you through, to do a little something for yourself,...


  1. Every morning we should say to ourselves, "today I welcome this arrogant person...and this dishonest person...and this angry person." For regardless of their attitudes, these people are our brothers. They are not evil, for they act out of ignorance.

    And no one – however persuasive they may be – can force us to be angry or upset.

    - Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

  2. Jesus, can you let me get my eyes closed before hitting me with such a lie?

    You're not even my brother.


    Grow the fuck up.

  3. Fuck. How arrogant of you to decide to leave some empty-headed NewAge cliche' on my fucking blog.

    Now I'll probably not get any sleep.

    Thanks a fucking lot, dickwad.

    I repeat:

    You. Are. Not. My. Brother.

    Are we clear?

  4. Wow, that's an amazingly vapid response up there at the top. So was Chairman Mao just ignorant when the cultural revolution killed 50 million people? How about Stalin when he killed 30 million? Kim Jong il? Than Shwe?

    The idea is so demonstrably false on it's face that it's amazing someone thought they were being witty when they quoted it.
    Marcus Auralius was a smart guy but this quote belies that intelligence.

    Don't let them get you down Crack Emcee.

  5. Hard to believe that there actually was a time when it was conservatives who formed the educated elite which held a realistic view of human nature and took the long view of history, and it was the liberals who were an empty-headed mob of emotional slogan-shouters but now, it seems like these roles have been reversed.

    For a good analysis from NRO's Derbyshire on the "dumbing down" of modern conservatism, see my link.


  6. Weaver, the most convincing and intelligent thing I've read from the Right in an age. Brilliant!

  7. The quote at the top from Marcus Aurelius is Old School Stoic bullshit. It's all about macho response and as far away from New Age circle jerking as you can get. You should read the Meditations, Cicero and Seneca and grow the fuck up.

    Stellar blog, btw

  8. Marcus Aurelius belonged to a ruling class of warrior-philosophers who prized self-control above all else. Their ideal was that a real man should be able to use reason to remain calm, even in the face of disappointment or danger, and face anything the universe could throw at him with perfect acceptance.

    Today's new breed of man is nothing like this. Influenced by the Romantic movement, men today have abandoned the Stoic ideal in favor of over-the-top displays of hysterical emotion.

    For an example of this consider rock stars smashing their instruments on stage, or Glenn Beck weeping and wailing on the air every night like a pregnant woman.

    From the Stoic point of view this sort of thing makes no sense. A man who cannot control his emotions gets jerked around like a puppet by them instead. From the Stoic perspective, people who lose their tempers or give into mood swings are hardly better than wild animals.

    But, that was a different time and certainly a very different definition of what it is to be "macho."

  9. Right:

    You got anything for this time?