Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Buddha Without The "Boo"

I recognized something, while in a dream, that woke me up with a real start:

When I was a baby, my mother called me "Buddha".

I didn't know that for 40 years, but, when I learned it, my NewAge ex-wife thought it was perfectly logical, considering my outlook on life and the fact people were prone to ask for my advice.

All that piece of information did, for me, was cause a lot of reckless eye rollin'.

Unlike Barack Obama, I was skeptical of my own alleged god-headedness, not only because the idea of humans as "spiritual" creatures is silly but, also, because my understanding of the cliche' of Buddhism is so deep (and, like life itself, I find human behavior and understanding of such things so trite) I could see in my dream that my ex's recognition meeting head-on with my skeptical gaze - and both regarding my "spiritual nature" - was as much a confirmation that stupid woman would commit adultery (with a "spiritual" quack) as the fact I'd seen her undress. Like many women, flirty fishing in The Family cult or now in love with "The One", Karine Anne Brunck was purely a slut for anyone claiming a spiritual connection or abilities.

And that was when - BOOM! - the dream's over, I'm now wide awake, and totally alone with YOU.

Man, if I'm a "spiritual" being, life sure has a funny way of showing it.

By that time of this discovery that I was born a deity, I was already becoming famous for a primitive song I wrote; a (sort of) Buddhist-inspired thing called "I Am The Sky".

I meant the words of that song as much as I've ever meant anything - just as I mean it when I say or imply (as I often do) that I look forward to dying and being done with all this - and all of you.

I see the inside of my head as an expanse, as wide as the cosmos.

But for my entire life the spiritual types have demanded it be fenced in - and, of course, they always elect themselves as my fence-builders, thank you very much.

Instead of pine or oak or maple, they offer their "beliefs" - and I have to merely pick which one to be hemmed in by.

"You must believe in Jesus!" my foster mothers, with their violent sons (and preachers) demanded.

"You are a very powerful spirit!" the SanterĂ­a folks exulted when my drummer friends dragged me along.

Buddhists have always picked me out of a crowd for special attention. (Some kind soul even dropped a Book of Mormon on me recently.)

But the biggest insult is been from NewAgers and their even more crackpot idea that I must accept all the beliefs in the world.

Why? Because, whether taken together or individually, what none of these spiritual ideologies - and especially their followers - can grasp is that, if this atheist had a soul, it's mine.

And if you dummies don't get that, then, you're a bigger bunch of idiots than I give you credit for, and - in case you haven't noticed - I don't think too much of some of y'all, already.

My religion, of Art, teaches me that "spirituality", beliefs, gurus - whatever - all this crap is about one thing:


It's about getting ME to believe in the fucking God or gods THEY want me to believe in.

It's always been about getting ME to read the fucking books THEY want me to read.

It's about getting ME to hear the fucking sermon THEY want me to hear when THEY say they'll deliver it.

It's about getting ME to pray the fucking prayer THEY want me to pray at the time THEY say to pray it.

And Buddhism (Yea, I was getting around to it) is a "spiritual" avenue for ignoring all that - a stupid attempt to get some control over, and thus suck all the air out of, a person's acceptance of real life AKA atheism.

Sorry, but that bird's not gonna fly.

See, here's the thing - pay attention now:

Never once have I seen believers gain the clarity to understand that all that nonsense is unnecessary to my personal (AKA "spiritual") freedom.

Never once have believers taken the time to understand that they all make themselves look like fucking ignoramus' for ever trying it on me.

(Search all you want: I'm truly not savable.)

And never once do believers take the time to understand that, since so few of them live up to their beliefs, they're just bright and shiny beacons of hypocrisy who really ought to try giving it a rest for a change.

That's the truly modern, and progressive, thing to do.

And - before you "followers" dismiss these suggestions out of hand - I think you should keep one other very-important thing in mind:

These words are coming to you straight from the Buddha.


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  4. Jesus, you are nothing but one cliche' after another.

    Do you have one - one - original idea in your head or is it anything ol' Marcus tells you is true?

    You are precisely the reason the word "hate" was invented.

  5. Con's PiracyJuly 23, 2009 at 9:09 PM

    I would agree with you on one score: we should not adopt a belief system on someone else's say-so but acquire it through a fastidious search for the truth.

    How far you get down that path depends on how brave you are, how smart you are, and how willing you are to consider how much is known and not known. Beyond that, you're on your own.

  6. Aura Music RulesJuly 23, 2009 at 9:15 PM

    I seek the truth... it is only persistence in self-delusion and ignorance that does harm.

  7. you are a coward. delete any challenge and run away. what a pussy

  8. Naw, I still hear the clankity-clank of humanity through the poetry of someone else - you're faking it - not the authentic voice of an actual person. See, that's the danger of belief systems:

    It turns you into their fucking robot.

    All that get ahold of your emotions shit ain't real - it's manipulative and nothing more. It's follow this, or follow me, but follow, follow, follow. And how do I get you there? By claiming the results of your humanity are your enemy. Well let me tell you something:

    My anger has gotten me far in this world. Coupled with my personal insight, it's protected me in situations ol' Marcus would be glad he's dead not to see - it's defined me to others, offline, in ways that are admirable and, as far as I'm concerned, it's a friend in ways the Buddhists of Tibet wish they had one. It's definitely made me more human, and thoughtful, than you, because, like owning a gun, it requires it's own kind of control (I mean, really: leaving sugary aphorisms on this blog is insulting, not helpful.). One lesson you haven't gotten, I'm sure, is respect. Being high on the arrogance of Buddhism will do that to you. As the old saying goes:

    Free your mind and your ass will follow.

    And, I promise you, that ain't referring to your butt sprouting legs but the benefits of taking your head out your ass.

    We've become a nation of pussies from belief systems, man, don't you get that? Listen to me talk and listen to you - which one is the real "human being"? Which one still has blood in his veins and a mind of his own? I can bullshit with you all day, because I'm free, while your ass is trapped in a thought process handed down to fools with few original thoughts of their own.

    Can you picture me in fucking robe with some goddamn prayer beads? It would be a fucking joke. It is a fucking joke - me as a Buddhist. But that joke ain't funny, man:

    So I ain't laughing.

    Now excuse me as I go out to earn my fortune. As usual, I didn't get much sleep last night, because of nightmares left by that belief system-magnet of an ex-wife of mine. She was probably picturing the Buddha laughing as she cheated on me. Now she's killed three people.

    Does the Buddha, or Ol' Marcus, say anything about those who misuse - or are too stupid - to apply their "teachings" or is it, as I say, every man for himself? Wait - don't answer that: It's Buddhism.

    Those stupid fucks could give fuck.

    Big help? Yea, right - Big fucking whoop.

  9. Hey Anonymous,

    I'm the pussy? You're the one posting accusations without a name. And, until you can read my mind, you can hardly determine if I'm running or fighting, can you?

    Jeezus, some people are dumb - and why they all come to visit me, I don't know. Well, I do - who else is going to tell you how to think critically, but a critical thinker?

    I just wish there were more out there, to take up some of the slack. Exposure to such stupidity is harmful, y'know? Black men and high blood pressure: Not a great combination.

    Make a donation to relieve some of that shit. I deserve it for handling that stupid comment (and that stupid of a comment) alone.

  10. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  11. The visuals with the prose works great. The message sounds like a combo of poor me/I know everything: god is dead. There are plenty of nihilistic boohoodah's out there just like you who spout off like they are precious unique and insightful individuals, but are just followers of another fucked up cult.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me critique you so I don't have to look in the mirror.

    Your blog style is definitely unique and very powerful: The tortured artist.

    Oh, and thanks for linking to That Mitchell and Webb Look. You should check out the 1978-1980 BBC spy serial Sandbaggers. You will relate to the main character.

  12. Aura Music RulesJuly 24, 2009 at 9:59 AM

    You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

  13. Hey Crack, I have a friend who wanted to start a religion called Ulla-Bulla or Uga-Booga so he could claim tax free religious status. He tried to recruit me as his first parishioner and turned him down. I told him I was waiting for something better.

  14. Nice post. I'm an atheist too, but nobody ever tries to convert me.

    Do you visit Lilek's blog? I only ask because a couple of pictures from you essay are ones he has used not long ago. The answer is interesting either way, by the way: Coincidence? Zeitgeist? or Fan?

  15. Howard,

    I don't know what cult that would be because I ain't with anybody. And as the post I just did this morning (on the perils of group-think) poor me can be quite appropriate - resulting in your position, of not giving a damn because you're too arrogant to care for anyone who complains, part of the problem.

    How's it feel to be an asshole?

    Aura Music Rules,

    That's a lie. There are way too many examples (people who fold under cult influence, for example) to prove you wrong. And for the record, if the point hasn't been made clear, I hate such aphorisms because they're all bullshit with no basis in reality - unless you, somehow, live a sheltered life. Find yourself in a dark alley with a bunch of gangbangers - trying to prove to each other how "crazy" they can be by accosting you - and tell me how much you've got control.

    It's bullshit.


    Good call. Didja find anything yet?


    Yea, I guess I'm a fan of Lilek's blog. Just discovered it, actually, and immediately got sucked in by his hilarious reviews of old movies. Really good stuff.

  16. Aura Music RulesJuly 24, 2009 at 7:22 PM

    Cultivate these, then, for they are wholly within your power: sincerity and dignity; industriousness, and sobriety. Avoid grumbling, be frugal, considerate, and frank; be temperate in manner and speech; carry yourself with authority.

  17. Dude, you are really walking a thin line with me:

    Cut it out.

  18. If you consider the four noble truths and the eightfold path you'd prolly realize all of these ideals are what nirvana extinguishes,all this rambling is part of the inevitable suffering we as humans face.This is just alot of rambling that your posting for your private fufillment at seemer smarter or greater than others.Buddha never spoke this way.I don't get it.

  19. You don't "get it" because:

    1) I ain't Buddha.

    2) I'm not dumb enough to spend my time studying Buddha's "noble truths" - or thinking there are such things.

    3) Anyone who thinks life is about "inevitable suffering" is a poor role model for living - and should probably never be allowed around children.

    4) I'm smarter and greater than you, so you'll never be able to understand the "noble truths" I'm delivering to you. For this and this alone, you face a life of "inevitable suffering" because you're too dumb to understand anyone not trapped in the cult of useless symbols and "teachings" you inevitably try to net others into.

    Call me when you're better - or, at least, normal.

  20. what a sad little man you are crack...everything is bullshit, don't believe in anything, why should you try to control your mind and your life when you might get beat up by a bunch of assholes in a dark alley. really? i mean... really? I'm not exactly a religious freak myself, but at least I can understand that realizing suffering exists is a way for you to get PAST it... while you on the other hand will just dwell IN the suffering because your tiny mind can't grasp anything beyond your reality of being bitter about infidelity and getting beat down by thugs. I feel sorry for you man... someone should. oh, but i forgot, you're the greatest and the best and the most supreme intellectual. yeah, good luck with that.

  21. Well as I read all your many comments many many thoughts come to mind, but the two that stand out the most in my head are.."hurt people hurt people" you sir sound like someone who has been hurt deeply and are lashing back...we're all human and for many people that's a very natural response. I just hope it gets better for you before you hurt too many people and yourself in the process. I'm sorry about your pain. The other thought that really stands out for me is this "The only people who come away from God ( BUDDHA JEHOVAH< WHATEVER "NAME" U CHOOSE) are those that are already full of themselves" perhaps you've never received anything from a Power greater than yourself because there's been no room inside your heart for anyone but yourself? I don't know, I'm just throwing it out there for contemplation. Only you know what YOUR REAL TRUTHS ARE< and to be honest I'm not sure they are the ones your posting here...I could be wrong...whatcha think? I'm certain you'll be only to happy to let me know if I'm wrong, and idiot, stupid and 'asshole' etc. Are you brave enough to tell me if I'm correct though?

  22. Damn iamwillow27,

    It always amazes me how "spiritual" types talk like they may possess some great insight into other's lives, but they can never master A) proving anything they "believe" is true and B) how not to be a condescending little shit as they do so. That second one always seems like a major failing considering all the work they put into trying to come across as a caring person. Makes the whole enterprise look like a con job.

    You sound like someone who's never heard of an atheist, which is why you have to fall back on this "you're too full of yourself to allow anything in" nonsense. Ever considered I'm an free individual who, being in possession of my own body and faculties, doesn't want anyone else or alien belief system schizophrenically in there with me? It spares me the whole "I have to find myself" speech that most "spiritual" types deliver before they break someone's heart and travel to India or whatever that "Eat Pray Love" woman did before she admitted she was wrong.

    Tell me, have you ever considered your beliefs - whatever they are - are wrong? No, of course not, because willow27 has met god, or whoever, and is uniquely qualified to ramble around the internet like a psychologist, diagnosing others, right? Riiiight. You all have. He hangs out in nightclubs in your youth.

    Here - watch this - it might explain why I haven't "come away from God ( BUDDHA JEHOVAH< WHATEVER "NAME" U CHOOSE)" since there is no such being to "come away" from.

    If you've been wasting your life, praying, bowing and scraping to nothing, then that's your choice, but it would probably be a good idea if you did it without being as condescending as you seem to be, since you haven't earned the privilege in the first place. That's always the problem with me and you so-called "spiritual" types, and also why there's so fewer of you than in the past:

    You talk a good game - but your execution is about as welcome as a flaming bag of shit left on the stoop.

  23. i like your usage of photography. Very "artistic." We have some different views on things but hey, opinions are like buttholes...everybody's got one! Enjoyed your "realness."

  24. I hope you realize some day that atheism is a belief, just like religion. You believe in your 5 senses, some believe in senses beyond the 5.

    You're positioned in the world of dualism. As long as youre stuck in thinking in dualistic terms, you never solve the puzzle. I am alpha and omega, beginning and the end.

    ps. where do you get the strength to be so aggressive towards other people and their opinions as if they are false compared to your opinions? I was going to tell how every person feels their perception of the world is true and you should go great length in understanding this saying, but ironically you were the one to point that out yourself...
    saves me the trouble of implementing the seed and should highlight the importance of internalizing the meaning of the quote

  25. Yeah, atheism is a belief. I "believe" there's no god, never been a god, and never will be a god. I also "believe" the only sign of such an entity is idiots like you insisting otherwise.

    You're a freak and a fool. Go play with children.

  26. It won't truly have success, I believe so.