Monday, July 27, 2009

Love Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry

Nancy Pelosi has gone and uttered the three words I've always said I hate the most, "I don’t care." Why are those three little words so friggin' lethal? Because if she don't care, then nobody else has to, either!! Nancy Pelosi got physically attacked today? "I don’t care." Nancy Pelosi got unfairly criticized? "I don’t care." And so on. Once someone decides to go down that road, it is so "ON" that all I can say in return is:

"You better start watching your back, Girl."

Also, I've always said liberals (and NewAgers) never apologize, especially when they're proven wrong - which is a lot - and Andrew Breitbart has noticed the same thing, involving a case I cared passionately about:

"Americans, especially nonblacks, are deeply fearful that [today's racial] dynamic is predicated on an un-American premise: presumed guilt. Innocence, under the extra-constitutional reign of political correctness, liberalism’s brand of soft Shariah law, must be proved ex post facto. Think not? Ask the Duke lacrosse team, which had 88 of the school’s professors sign a petition that presumed their guilt before their side of the story was known. Even though the white athletes were exonerated and the liberal district attorney who pushed the case was dethroned, disbarred and disgraced, the professoriate that assigned guilt to its own students still refuses to apologize."

Heinous. Awful. Disgusting. But - like Nancy Pelosi - y'all don't care. So I think it just might be time for y'all to get the hell out of here and head on back to your regularly scheduled whitewash of all the day's other relevant issues. Half-truths seem to be about as much as your kind can handle.

And yea - after some unmentioned bullshit I had to deal with last week - I've woke up feeling extra-fucking "snippy" today,..


  1. Suppose any man shall despise me. Let him look to that himself. But I will look to this, that I be not discovered doing or saying anything deserving of contempt.

  2. What like "Sorry, Hans Blick was right, there are no weapons of mass destruction"?

    "Sorry, the Iraq War still isn't over six years - and billions of dollars of taxpayer money - later"?

    "Sorry, we never did get the mastermind behind 9/11"?

    "Sorry, the French intelligence report was right"?

    I see. We should all be as humble and contrite as the neocons.

  3. Neocon Wrangler,

    Man, you're dumb:

    Weapons of mass destruction were found - all over the place - they were just old and disintegrating.

    The cost of a war has nothing to do with the right or wrong of it - and you obviously believe leaving the Iraqis living under a dictator (after we had promised to free them) was the correct thing to do, right?

    Leaving aside the difficulty of finding someone who is in hiding (or that we never got Hitler, either) what's your point?

    And the french were the folks who were helping Saddam undermine the U.N. resolutions that made the war necessary.

    Good job on being on the wrong side of every issue - hope you feel better now:

    You've revealed yourself to be a fucking tool!!!

  4. You didn't get Hitler because he suicided and ordered his, and his mistresses bodies burned! Bravo, history champ.

    That's funny, I don't remember the Secretary of State's pitch being "We should wage a preemptive strike on this country because:

    a) It has a dictator (what, like Burma or China or Saudi Arabia or Fiji..?)
    b) It has old disintegrating weapons buried in the desert"

    No, because that would have been quite a pitch wouldn't it!

    You have all the latest infra red technology that money can buy and you can't find a guy in a cave - after eight years. Well, I feel safer.

    It doesn't matter how much money you spend on a war? No, I guess that excuses all Bush's rampant spending and why Republican hypocrites are jumping up and down because now the same kind of money is being spent on frivolous things like roads and schools and jobs.

  5. Listen, dipshit, it was you who seems to think we have to CATCH the enemy to beat him - I'm the guy who knows that driving him to suicide as he hides from us counts too. Any student of history and warfare - which you ain't - would know that.

    Another thing any student of history and warfare would know is every plan changes once it meets the enemy - not "This is what we said so this is the only way it'll go!" as you seem to imagine (and I'm using the term "imagine" lightly, you delusional fuck.)

    Plus, let me get this straight:

    If we had attacked "Burma or China or Saudi Arabia or Fiji" then your punk ass wouldn't still be whining? Bullshit. You don't know anything but whining - against your own country - so stop with the whitewash because I know your traitorous ass inside and out.

    And are you now admitting we did find weapons of mass destruction? Which one is it, fool? Either we found them or we didn't: show me how in touch with reality you are - or how big of a liar,...

    Listen, Jethro, going to war is something we do when we have to - not something to make you "feel safer". Americans are being killed out there, while your pampered, idiotic, know-nothing ass is out here barking up the wrong fucking tree (I'm a veteran, asshole) so don't give me none of your simple-minded self-proclaimed morality, or snark, because I could give a fuck what your kind thinks. You know nothing:

    Barack Obama is spending 10 TIMES what Bush spent and it's not going for "roads and schools and jobs" but to line the pockets of his friends. Come on, smartguy, show me where all that stimulus is stimulating anything. You can't, because it ain't. It's a lie. It's all one big lie.

    Just as your sorry liberal ass has been busted lying here.

  6. Well good on you for beating al-Qaeda then. You're absolutely right; I haven't heard of any deaths in Iraq for, oh I don't know how long.

    And I'm right pleased that Osama has killed hisself. I heard him bagging Obama the other day but that was probably just a trick. Or maybe you count victory as 'he's gone into hiding'. Big whoop.

    If you had attacked China my traitorous ass would have been so amazed, the outcome would be completely unknowable. Even to my closest friends.

    It is damn funny that of the Axis of Evil: North Korea, Iraq and Iran, Iraq was the only one that didn't have WMD
    I guess pick a fight where you are going to get a lot of people killed on both sides and waste a veritable shitload of $$$ but don't pick a fight with someone whose going to blow you up. That's almost a good strategy.

    Nobody has ten times what Bush spent, even when running the country into debt to China and Saudi Arabia. Do check you facts.

    I didn't say Iraq had WMD - I'm just pointing out how pathetic your little 'find' would be, even if it was true. No wonder the UN council were persuaded. Oh wait, they weren't.

    You must have one poor sorry ridiculous excuse for an anti-war campaigner. Even in your best pre-"enlightenment" days

  7. Yea, I must have been, because every liberal I knew thought I was a fucking genius.