Monday, July 27, 2009

Love Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry

Nancy Pelosi has gone and uttered the three words I've always said I hate the most, "I don’t care." Why are those three little words so friggin' lethal? Because if she don't care, then nobody else has to, either!! Nancy Pelosi got physically attacked today? "I don’t care." Nancy Pelosi got unfairly criticized? "I don’t care." And so on. Once someone decides to go down that road, it is so "ON" that all I can say in return is:

"You better start watching your back, Girl."

Also, I've always said liberals (and NewAgers) never apologize, especially when they're proven wrong - which is a lot - and Andrew Breitbart has noticed the same thing, involving a case I cared passionately about:

"Americans, especially nonblacks, are deeply fearful that [today's racial] dynamic is predicated on an un-American premise: presumed guilt. Innocence, under the extra-constitutional reign of political correctness, liberalism’s brand of soft Shariah law, must be proved ex post facto. Think not? Ask the Duke lacrosse team, which had 88 of the school’s professors sign a petition that presumed their guilt before their side of the story was known. Even though the white athletes were exonerated and the liberal district attorney who pushed the case was dethroned, disbarred and disgraced, the professoriate that assigned guilt to its own students still refuses to apologize."

Heinous. Awful. Disgusting. But - like Nancy Pelosi - y'all don't care. So I think it just might be time for y'all to get the hell out of here and head on back to your regularly scheduled whitewash of all the day's other relevant issues. Half-truths seem to be about as much as your kind can handle.

And yea - after some unmentioned bullshit I had to deal with last week - I've woke up feeling extra-fucking "snippy" today,..