Friday, July 17, 2009

And A Good Time Was Had By All (Thinkers)

"With the exception of an unhappy homeopath, the audience at the Seymour Centre on Wednesday evening gave Simon Singh an enthusiastic reception at his Sydney University’s ‘Sydney Ideas’ talk.

...The irony that people in the UK must be trained as vets to treat animals, but need not be trained as doctors to treat humans was not lost on the audience.

Our lonely homeopath, initially cheered on for her courage in coming forward, clearly had no understanding of the meaning of the concept of ‘meta-analysis’.

Quite failing to comprehend what this entails, she finally earned the derision of the audience as her ignorance unfolded through her interminable ‘question’ to Simon.

Chairman Professor David Day, Dean of Science, thankfully stepped up to the mike and put a stop to the rowdy exchange which had ensued.

The meeting concluded with (almost) unanimous acclamation for Simon.”

-- Croakey, giving us a very nice re-cap of events in Australia - which sounds like they had a lot of fun - on Croakey, The Crikey Health Blog.

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