Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tongues Are Gonna Be Waggin' Now!!!

"I welcome the idea of a qualified Hispanic woman being appointed to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, Judge Sonia Sotomayor may not be the right choice. The Federal Circuit Court judge is involved with, and apparently committed to, a youth charity run by one Fred Newman--the Marxist psychotherapist and cult leader who used to boast about having sex with his patients and whose philosophy of 'friendosexuality' has been promoted among the charity's kids.

According to
Daily News columnist Errol Louis, Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor has worked as a volunteer workshop leader for the past four years with the Development School for Youth (DSY), a branch of the Newman-controlled All Stars Project (the latter is a multifaceted youth charity that works with kids of all ages). Louis quotes the White House as saying that the DSY is Sotomayor's 'favorite project.'”

-- Dennis King, with even more evidence Obama's favorite "wise Latina" ain't so wise about (what else?) cults - but this accusation's especially damning - because it's popped up on the batshit-screwy Lyndon LaRouche Watch.

Well I'll be damned. No - wait - I'm damned already. This is another of those "hidden in plain sight" (AKA "occult") things that so many people are letting slide in their, totally non-racial, rush to appoint any minority to a post she's got no business being in. (I know, I know: Now I hate my Latina heritage as well,....) The Anti-Defamation League called this group "A Cult By Any Other Name," and said Newman, in a 1985 speech, called Jews "storm troopers of decadent capitalism against people of color the world over." But - hey - as far as I know, nobody ever let little things like that stop anything in these parts.

Like I said, I'm damned, this life in hell.

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