Friday, July 17, 2009

Fuck: He Missed

"You want the young American
You ain't a pimp and you ain't a hustler
A pimp's got a Caddy and a lady's got a Chrysler
Black's got respect, and white's got his Soul Train
Mama's got cramps, and look at your hands ache
(I heard the news today, oh boy)
I got a suite and you got defeat
Ain't there a man who can say "no more"?
Ain't there a woman I can sock in the jaw?"

-- David Bowie, in the song Young Americans, which just seemed right for this pitying story on model Sophie Anderton's recent troubles - notice how she's wrapped just-so, with even her glasses up, to expose her wounds? - in The Daily Mail.

Needless to say - since my divorce, immersion in NewAge feminist thought (I'm currently reading a very-confused, sneering, book, The Bitch in the House: 26 Women Tell The Truth About Sex, Solitude, Work, Motherhood, and Marriage) along with an equally-careful reading of the song lyrics I hear most often - this "Young American" has grown extremely skeptical of such stories.

Who knows what a woman will do, to drive a man to treat her as one man would another, when they act like unforgiving assholes? We don't - though there's ample proof feminists will lash out, engage in misandry, acts of betrayal (sexual and otherwise) and basically be a "bitch" (their word) for no good reason - except to hurt those closest to them. But, somehow, I'm asked to feel sorry for these people because they, maybe, got a fucking shiner in return? Sorry. Tell me the whole story, in context, or leave it out of the media:

My sympathy for women as victims - and I did have some - is just about all used up.

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