Saturday, July 25, 2009

Barack Obama's Racing Us To The Finished Line

Who's really fooling who, here? Or, as Glenn Reynolds is regularly asking these days, "Who are the rubes?"

This is the man who was going to end America's obsession with race? Puh-leaze. He's obsessed himself!!

Anybody else remember this middle-finger action for Hillary? His supporters seemed to get it, didn't they?

How about this repeat for John McCain? You didn't know what was going on? I think I did and said so.

But I still don't want to prejudge anything.

Anybody see Barack do the middle-finger scratch since then? That ain't the kind of "tic" that just disappears - especially if it's just an innocent gesture.

So much Liberal talk seems to focus on Republican "code words" but race signals between black supporters get no comment, why?

After all the unfounded racial charges that were lobbed at McCain and Palin during the election?

Why'd anybody get behind Obama after that?

John McCain was pretty damn gracious after he lost if you ask me. He even became clearly disgusted with his own supporters for not understanding the significance of the win - even if it was based on lies against him personally.

How anybody could believe Obama supporter's race crap after that is trapped in delusional thinking.

Now "The One" has used his brilliance to go and stick himself in the middle of this Henry Louis Gates mess, without knowing the facts, or thinking there may be more to it than stereotypes. Of course he did - he's a friend of Al Sharpton's and Louis Farrakhan's - he couldn't help himself.

You've put an arrogant race-monger in the White House, people - in 2009.

It's not P.C. to say it, but P.C. opinions ain't this blog's job.

This latest embarrassment is his supporter's fault as much as his own:

They just didn't care.

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