Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whoa: We're Becoming, Like, A Cult Of Two,...

"THE RELIGIOUS QUALITY OF ENVIRONMENTAL EXTREMISM: I think that people start with a desire to be extremists — or, at least, to feel good about themselves and condemn others — and then look around for an ideology that gives them what they want. The actual merits are far less important, as is demonstrated by the transparent idiocy of most ideologies."

-- Glenn Reynolds, hitting another of my favorite topics again - but still not actually acknowledging (or investigating) "cultism" (or his recently mentioned, though less-inflammatory, "group-think") as rampant throughout our society - as the Instapundit.

The "religious quality of environmental extremism" - along with "the transparent idiocy of most ideologies" - it's like music to my ears,...keep it comin', man!

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