Friday, July 24, 2009

I Got Cha, Insta-Baby!!!

"'Academics, like teenagers, sometimes don’t have any sense regarding the degree to which they are conformists.'

So says Thomas Bouchard, the Minnesota psychologist known for his study of twins raised apart, in a retirement interview with Constance Holden in the journal Science.

Journalists, of course, are conformists too. So are most other professions. There’s a powerful human urge to belong inside the group, to think like the majority, to lick the boss’s shoes, and to win the group’s approval by trashing dissenters.

The strength of this urge to conform can silence even those who have good reason to think the majority is wrong."

-- Nicholas Wade, by way of Glenn Reynolds, who has finally run across one point made repeatedly on this blog (Glenn didn't think of it himself - though I've charged him with it - because, with all his power, when did he ever rock the boat?) I think this should be a major topic of discussion in American society - because it's a major aspect of it's post-60s cultism - maybe even taken up by me (and because they're so smart) Panda Bear, Ann Althouse, and the Instapundit?