Friday, July 17, 2009

See? They're Black, You're Black - Come On!!!

Barbara Boxer needs her head examined, to say the least. She's a bald-faced liar who thinks like a child. She's a national disgrace, and a total insult to every thinking black person with an interest in this country beyond being part of some liberal axis bent on power at the expense of others. She's an insult to the very concept of honesty and needs her face slapped. She, and we all, should be ashamed she can call herself a United States senator. Damn her.


  1. "Barbara Boxer needs her head examined..."


    Also, Harry C. Alford is a disrespectful showboating hypocritical asshole who wants it both ways: Don't insult me, don't racialize me, shut up and just ignore the fact that I come before your silly U.S. Senate committee as the President, CEO and co-founder of the National Black Chamber of Commerce... unless, of course, it serves my interests as an African-American man to racialize myself, and to insult and disrespect you and your office.

  2. Um, as far as I know, he was invited as witnesses are. Plus, they're discussing science, which - also as far as I know - ain't got no color.

    Plus, if you really want to play the race game, what the fuck is a white woman doing, trying to shove a black agenda down the throat of a black man? What? He doesn't have enough experience in being black that he needs her guidance on the issue?

    Face it, Meade: Race politics is a loser, no matter how you cut it, and trying to defend it is even worse.

    It's time for this wrong-headed American obsession to end.

    But thanks for writing, man. It's honestly a thrill to hear from you, wrong though you may be.

  3. "But thanks for writing, man. It's honestly a thrill to hear from you, wrong though you may be."

    Heh heh heh. The feeling is entirely mutual, my friend. Keep up the good work.