Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Uncle Walter"? I Thought Bob's Your Uncle!!!

Damn it, I was going to write a piece on the death of Walter Cronkite (He is still dead, isn't he?) but, while researching information on him, I discovered his most egregious crime was actually committed on my seventh birthday - February 27th, 1968 - and became so overcome by grief I couldn't go on. I mean, I had just turned seven years old when this asshole decided America was worth trashing during a war - just as, years later, liberals tried, again, to prematurely (and wrongly) claim President Bush would lose the Iraq War.

What is it with liberals and losing? Is stubbornly insisting on failure in their blood? Is it a mental disorder? Is it something contagious?

Whatever it is, I don't want it.

Anyway, as I said, I couldn't go on, so I'll leave you with the next best thing to my own "brilliant" analysis - Doctor Zero's connect-the-dots assessment on Hot Air:

"Walter Cronkite and the National Will"

It's basically what I would've said, too - but without all the naughty bits - and I know how much you guys loooove all the naughty bits.


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